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The Age

New coach was `out of the blue'

Date: 22/09/1999
Words: 162
          Publication: The Age
Section: Sport
Page: 3
Carlton coach David Parkin admitted yesterday that last week's appointment of former West Coast captain John Worsfold as an assistant coach had ``come out of the blue" and caused some discussion among the current coaching staff.

Parkin said he had spoken to Worsfold and was aware that the club was continuing negotiations, but it had been agreed no announcement would be made until after the club's season finished. Carlton's hand was forced when news of the appointment leaked out in Perth last Thursday.

The Age reported on Monday that Parkin had been so disappointed by the lack of consultation that he threatened to resign.

Asked last night to ``clear the matter up", Parkin responded: ``There's nothing to clear up. It was a fantastic story."

Parkin laughed off the suggestion he had threatened to resign. ``I can't resign, I don't get my money if I resign," he said. ``They've got to sack me."

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