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Date: 16/03/1997
Words: 300
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 12
Beavis & Butt-head


Channel 10, 11.30pm

Blame it on The Simpsons. The irreverent hit cartoon about a dysfunctional family has inspired a wave of anti-social cartoon creations. First there was Ren & Stimpy, the cat and the dog with their endless fart jokes. Now, with no fanfare, Channel 10 has snuck into its late-night schedule the cult hit Beavis & Butt-head about two teenage nerds, who do little but sit on their couch all day and snicker over anything vaguely naughty. Their grunting "huh-huh, huh-huh, huh" is a catchcry of fans. They got their start on MTV, where they would offer couchside commentaries between video clips - now they not only have their own show, but also their own movie, which opens here this month and which has been a blockbuster success in the US. This week's TV episode is a perfect example of what makes Beavis & Butt-head an acquired taste - they spend the whole day queuing up to use a portable toilet outside a Creatures Of Rock concert and the pain builds.

Home And Away

u Wednesday, Channel 7, 7pm

In another round of revolving chairs, former Neighbours hunk Richard Grieves joins the cast of Home And Away. In this episode he debuts as Dr Lachlan Fraser, who arrives for his first day's work at the hospital as the new registrar and is mistaken for the husband of a woman going into labour. He's bustled into the delivery room where the woman begins to have problems and Dr Fraser takes over from Dr Kelly Watson. It's not a good start. Over coming episodes tensions build as Kelly resents the fact that, even though she and Lachlan are equally qualified, he is considered more experienced.


u Friday, Channel 9, 8.30pm

Cybill's best pal Maryann (Christine Baranski) continues to steal the show, in spite of recent reports that Cybill reallocates Baranski's best lines to herself. Nevertheless, this sitcom seems to have improved somewhat since Cybill abandoned striving to be the next Lucille Ball by making a lot of stupid faces and talking REALLY LOUDLY. In this episode Cybill and Maryann arrive home one night to discover Cybill's been burgled. Afraid the robber might return, Cybill invests in a new alarm system, undertakes a self defence course and buys her daughter a blow-up doll to fool neighbours that she's not alone - but the last laugh's on Cybill.

Common As Muck

u Friday, ABC 9.30pm

Forget all those shows about doctors and lawyers - here's a show about the people who make the world go around, rubbish collectors. Edward Woodward stars in this fairly lame new British comedy about a rag-tag bunch of dustmen who pride themselves on being "anti-professional", tossing bins full of rubbish at neighbourhood dogs, walking their size 10 feet through flower beds and dealing with broken bin liners by spreading the spilled refuse with their boots. Their greatest job skill is warding off persistent threats to make them lift their game.


Gorilla Gorilla

u Saturday, Channel 10, 8.30pm

Late last year a family of 10 gorillas made a mammoth journey from their old home in a primate park in Holland to their new home at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo and a state of the art, million-dollar enclosure experts describe as "the Taj Mahal of the gorilla world". Presenter Lyndall Davies shows us the moving relationship the gorillas had with their Dutch minders, who would speak to them in Dutch. Among the many things the gorillas must learn in their new homeland is English. In their enclosure the gorilla family settles in - and starts eating the myriad plants especially planted to create their new home.

Roy & HG's

Club Buggery

u Saturday, ABC, 9.30pm

John Farnham is the willing victim of Roy and HG's wit in this week's return of the irreverent variety show. Their promise for what's in store is big: "1997 will be the year the Club Buggery team rediscovers Africa and it's the year we take you into space for a long, lingering shufti at this crazy old cabaret world of ours. Collecting the tickets and showing the sights, like only he can, all the way down the line will be super conductor and animal export Ian "Turps" Turpie." Roughly translated into English, that means more of the same. Guys, good to have you back.

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