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Date: 20/06/1992
Words: 1102
          Publication: The Sun Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 16

NOT content with saying all those nasty things about Princess Diana in his book Diana-Her True Story, Andrew Morton (the royal-watching muckraker) does a TV report screening on Ten news tomorrow on the dieting habits of Fergie and Di. Apparently Morton moonlights for Fox TV and Inside Edition, which feed Network 10 in Australia. In this TV report, the Brit probably most hated by Princess Diana details the lengths to which the two go to bust flab, who their slimming gurus are and how much they pay them for advice. Morton's conclusion: Di has been more successful in holding her waistline down (despite bulimia), while Fergie has experimented too much with fad diets. Shock horror |


EX-Investigators reporter Sarah Henderson, now working on the Holiday program, finds out tomorrow if the ABC has won a case against a Five Dock used car dealer who allegedly assaulted her during her snooping days. The magistrate at Burwood Magistrates' Court has heard the case and reserved his decision. The manager of the Metro Motor Market in Five Dock faces two counts of assault - one against Henderson and the other against the cameraman shooting the segment in September last year - plus one count of offensive language. Henderson, whose taste of the courtroom was what you might call good first-hand experience for her part-time law studies at university, said the switch to Holiday was proving interesting. "People are now nice to me on Holiday. I have to get used to it after three years of having doors slammed in my face on The Investigators |"


IN Cluedo next week, a neat bit of casting has guest star Cameron Daddo accused of committing what we shall call "brothercide" on his real life sibling and show regular Andrew Daddo. They play brothers on-camera too, and Cameron winds up very dead. But did fellow Daddo do it?


HOT property Susan Dey bows out of LA Law forever on Tuesday - in a double special to end the show on Ten for this year. But it's tipped she could yet shape up as a new Murphy Brown in her forthcoming show Love is Hell. The series comes from the CBS makers of runaway success Murphy Brown, and is tipped as one of the hits of the next American ratings season. The romantic comedy has Dey playing opposite Jay Thomas - you know, the bounder who did the dirty on Murphy by taking off after she had his baby. Dey plays a newly-divorced restaurant owner, and Thomas a loudmouth newspaper columnist.


NETWORK Nine has installed a new high-tech security system at Corinia House, the building which houses the offices of the Today Show and A Current Affair. Today host Liz Hayes is one who's pretty happy about the new system, as she has had her fair share of nutters. "Lots of people - who aren't always people you want to see - walk in here and demand to see Jana Wendt, Steve Liebmann or myself," Hayes said. "Before, anybody could come in off the street. I never felt any grave risk or in terrible danger, but there has been the odd occasion when a couple of bodyguards suddenly appeared behind me."Hayes, who's been with the show seven years, celebrates with the rest of the crew next Friday the 10th birthday of the top-rating morning show. "We're highlighting the good, bad and ugly moments in the 10 years of the show,"Hayes said. "The producers are putting it all together to embarrass us as much as possible." Hayes noted one item worth watching out for was footage of MTV host Richard Wilkins reporting from a bubble bath.


ABC radio announcer John Doyle, aka This Sporting Life's Roy Slaven, takes a break for five weeks from tomorrow from his afternoon shift on 2BL - and actress Noni Hazlehurst warms the vacant chair.


OVER at 2JJJ, Ian Rogerson (alias Danno of Johnno and Danno fame on 2SM), who spurned 2MMM's advances to be part of the mega-breakfast team to be produced by Doug Mulray, jetted off to London last week to tour with U2. Turns out JJJ and 60 Minutes got the only media guernseys from Australia to cover the Zoo Station Tour to promote U2's new album Achtung Baby. Rogerson, who knocked back 2MMM because he is under contract at JJJ till December, did not deny he was offered his own personal fitness instructor by the station: "Put it this way, if it had gone ahead they would have looked after my physical requirements. But it would have taken three to four years of daily workouts just to bring me up to normal standard just to do breakfast."


SUDDENLY, everyone wants to be a TV reporter. Latest to jump on the bandwagon is unscrubbed muso cum former famine-fighter Bob Geldof, who makes his debut as a roving reporter (sound familiar?) with wife Paula Yates soon on a new Channel 4 daily morning show in London. Geldof's brief is to report on a regular basis on politicians and personalities who interest him. The Big Breakfast is being made by Geldof's production company, Planet 24, for a contract worth Pound 10 million ($A24 million) over 15 months. The Irish singer, 37, has already interviewed South African leader Nelson Mandela for a pilot program.


EX-Neighbours star Lorraine Bayly has quit her Melbourne stage show Dear Liar - following her recent collapse from a serious bout of irritable bowel syndrome - and is resting for three months in Queensland on doctor's orders. A spokeswoman for her agent, International Casting Services, said Bayly was forced to drop the show after she collapsed at home on Saturday night, June 6, after a performance of the play (based on letters exchanged between playwright George Bernard Shaw and his love interest Mrs Pritchard). Bayly, best-known for her role as Grace Sullivan in The Sullivans, played busybody Faye Hudson in Neighbours until 10 weeks ago, when she quit to begin rehearsing the stage show. The spokeswoman said: "Lorraine can't be disturbed in Queensland. She's staying with relatives. She worked really hard without a break for two years. She's just tired out and now really needs a total holiday."

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