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The Age


Date: 23/08/2001
Words: 1200
          Publication: The Age
Section: Sport
Page: 6
Mick no slow coach

HE just can't seem to do a thing wrong, that Mick McGuane. Not only does the former Collingwood (and very briefly, Carlton) champion and now coach of the Devonport Dockers have his side undefeated and raging hot favorite to take out this year's Northern Tasmanian Football League's premiership, but it seems he's even kicking goals off the field as well. McGuane, you see, this week got off on a speeding charge in Devonport Court despite being clocked on camera travelling at 138kmh, 28kmh over the limit, while driving along the Bass Highway earlier this year. Mighty Mick didn't appear in court, leaving the matter to his lawyer, Scott Richardson, who obviously argued his case well because the magistrate, Tim Hill, promptly dismissed the complaint while noting McGuane's ``excellent" driving record. ``Everyone is entitled to make one mistake," Hill said. McGuane, it turns out, was quite coy about the matter when we called him yesterday, in fact denying any knowledge of the case being before the court even though it was reported in the local newspaper the next day. ``Don't know what you're talking about, mate," said McGuane. ``And I don't get the local rag, just the Melbourne papers so I can read up on the footy." What McGuane could confirm, though, was his appearance in a Ballarat court in 1991 when he lost his licence for 19 months after blowing .19. By saying ``excellent driving record" they must have meant in the past 10 years, we reckon.

Footy's big cover (up)

AS sealed magazine sections go this one is probably not as hot as some people (us excluded, by the way) are used to, but in footy terms it doesn't get any hotter, with this weekend's AFL Record set to unveil the league's 10 hottest bods, including the inaugural Hot medallist. In fact, its contents are so under wraps that the usually publicity-friendly folk at the mag's HQ wouldn't even give us a peek preview, just this cover, a rather sexy (our female colleagues' description, by the way) shot showing just the musclebound, hairless chest and ``six-pack" of the winner. What we can you, of course, is what readers of last weekend's big Hot edition already know and that is that he is one of the following - Leigh Colbert, Shane Crawford, Nick Daffy, Ben Dixon, Andrew Leoncelli, Kris Massie, Mark Mercuri, Clem Michael, Tony Modra and Shane Woewodin. As a way of a compromise the AFL Record finally agreed to provide us (thanks heaps, guys) a couple of quotes from the winner in a chat he has with mag interviewer Robert DiPierdomenico. Not that it's much help, mind you. ``It's a big honor," says Hot medallist 2001, ``because I take pride in my body and the way I look. In a way I'm shocked, but what can I say, it's a big honor." When asked if he works on his body, the star confesses: ``I certainly do, like all footballers. It is the tool of our trade. From pre-season to the end of the year we are always working on our bodies. I work on it 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Our lips are sealed

OH, and there was also this from the AFL Record team (how can we ever thank them enough), a description of the winner from one of the judges, Jane Allsop. ``He's certainly a spunk," she says. ``They've all got great bodies. Some of them have rough heads (ouch!), but they all do it in the body department. They need to look like they can drag a wild boar back to the cave and I think he complies with that." Truth is, we reckon we can figure out who the winner is, but far be it for us to blabber it all before the mag goes on sale tomorrow. As someone at mag HQ said yesterday: ``Woe betide anyone who breaks that embargo."

King and his bike

STAND BY for a website frenzy, starting tonight when Channel Nine's The Footy Show auctions a beaming red Monster Ducati motor bike (2000 model) valued at $15,500, with the proceeds to go to the Canteen cancer charity organisation. As motor bikes go, this is some beast, we're told, but we're tipping that it will be in even bigger than normal demand, not least because its owner just happens to be Wayne Carey. The Kangaroo champ won the machine in a media award last year but, not being a bikie, it's been gathering dust at his home ever since so he has decided to donate it to a good cause and will announce as much when he appears on the show tonight.

A bit Rich

THEY'RE a cynical lot, journalists. Some can be a tad gullible, too, it seems, with word reaching us of a rather embarrassing episode involving an Australian-based writer for an Indian newspaper who got caught out this week after misinterpreting a piece of satirical sports writing for the genuine article. Seems the woman involved read Richard Hinds' column in last weekend's Sunday Age in which he pretended to have had correspondence from Sir Donald Bradman, and not only did she take the article seriously but even filed a story about it for one of the bigger newspapers in Bradman-mad India. And a pretty good column it was, too, with The Don, fresh from naming his all-time best Test team, now supplying Hinds with various other lists, including his top 50 Hollywood blockbusters, his favorite supermodels and even his top 20 Sydney coffee shops. After filing her copy the writer then attended the Perth launch of Bradman's just-released biography, luckily mentioning Hinds' article to the book's author, Roland Perry, who in turn gently pointed out to her that it was satire. ``We don't have satire in India," said the reporter before hastily calling her editor and finally convincing him to pull the story from publication.

Why Lisa said no

LISA HARRISON may be the ``sexiest babe" in women's basketball, but fans hoping to see more of her than when she's on the court will be disappointed to learn that she has finally decided to turn down an offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine. But it was apparently a close thing, with the Phoenix Mercury star admitting that the magazine had agreed to the many changes to the contract that she requested, including the amount of nudity, but just failed to reach the payment she wanted. ``They kept upping the money (believed to be between $150,000 and $200,000) but they didn't quite get to where I wanted," she said. Harrison is the second basketballer to win the Playboy website competition and then to disappoint the sponsors by turning down the prize of posing nude for it.

Who said to?

"I've only been in a charge for a week and we won." -- England's new cricket chief, former Australian wicketkeeper Rod Marsh, over a beer with his old mate David Hookes.


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