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Newcastle Herald


Author: with Ben Doherty
Date: 21/08/2002
Words: 330
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 87

6.30pm, Ten

THOSE blonde Scully girls can't keep out of trouble.

Which is great news for the male population of Ramsay St.

Anyway, Steph Scully's (Carla Bonner) habit of hooking up with undesirables has come back to bite her in the bottom after she's implicated in no-good Mitch's robbery.

We (those of us too afraid to participate in Nine's IQ test, that is) all know the poor thing had nothing to do with it but Toadie saw Mitch kiss Steph just before he took off with the loot.

The Erinsborough cops put two and two together and get three, so Steph's in ter-wubble.

Fans may also like to know Dan Paris' character Drew Kirk looks set to leave the bosom of Neighbours next month in typically dramatic fashion.

What's old Libby and new-born Ben going to do?

It's not like she can run home to mummy, because mummy's freakin' bonkers.


8pm, Ten

TONIGHT'S episode is a satirical take on an American TV series fromm last year starring Ben Affleck called Project Greenlight about a young filmmaker who scores a million bucks and gets to make a movie.

David Spade's Finch is making an obviously autobiographical college film called The Burning House; it's about a boy torn apart by the divorce of his parents.

Wendie Malick's Nina plays the mum and promptly falls in love with the actor playing her son while Finch manages to score David Hasselhoff to play the dad.

Far from star-struck, all Jack wants from the Baywatch fogie is an on-screen apology after he scratches his car in the parking lot.

Finch's idea to use a birdhouse in the pivotal fire scene proves rather nasty for the birdy living inside.


AN absolutely fascinating documentary on Queensland's scientist's Dr Phillipa Uwins' uphill battle against the establishment, which is cagey over her discovery of `nanobes' ? minute rock-dwelling `biological' creatures.

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