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Author: Lenny Ann Low
Date: 09/06/2008
Words: 566
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 26
Northanger Abbey

ABC1, 8.30pm

Eighteenth-century Bath reveals itself to be a city of simmering depravity and barely concealed lust in this rollicking adaptation of Jane Austen's 1798 novel. Young men in taut breeches smirk and stare suggestively at the story's innocent heroine, Catherine Morland, as she and her coquettish new friend, Isabella Thorpe, walk the streets and attend lively balls.

Such behaviour is intriguing but unseemly to Morland, a country girl with a love of gothic romance novels who is visiting Bath as a guest of her family's affable friends, Mr and Mrs Allen. Her heart is caught by Henry Tilney, a witty and sincere clergyman, but she is plagued by the heavy-handed affections of the roguish John Thorpe and, in the end, the poor behaviour of Isabella.

Lush with straining bosoms, knowing looks and segments bringing Morland's wild dreams and fantasies to life, Northanger Abbey is well cast. Felicity Jones catches Morland's mix of youthful naivety, heart-whole feelings and mindful beliefs perfectly and J.J. Feild, as the dishy but sensible Tilney, grows in appeal as this feature-length drama builds to a climax.

Grey's Anatomy

Seven, 8.30pm

The tone and drama of Grey's Anatomy is guided by the musical soundtrack as much as the script and performances but this episode does an excellent job of showing the realities of losing a child, of trying vainly to save lives day in and out and of attempting to bolster a young man who has become encased in a block of concrete.

How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth?

SBS, 8.30pm

All the answers are here: a shoulder joint is worth $530, a torso $1330 and an entire body $261,500. With demand high around the world for medical research and transplants, selling body parts can be a lucrative business. It was greed that drove bodysnatchers to remove leg bones from the late journalist and broadcaster Alistair Cooke before he was cremated in New York in 2004.

This excellent documentary explores widespread criminal activity in the US connected to harvesting and selling body parts in an underground market. Interviews with family members of victims, a police investigator and a journalist reveal how easy it is to trade in illegal body parts. The documentary-makers also visit medical research laboratories where medical students learn complicated procedures by operating on dead body parts.

Sometimes grisly to watch, this is a well-made and informative program that lucidly investigates the good and bad aspects of medicine's insatiable need for human tissue.

Flight Of The Conchords

Ten, 10.40pm

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are the funniest people currently on TV and their New York adventures - or non-adventures - scale fresh heights of gormlessness this week.

Bret is worried about his appearance after Murray says he looks too small during a band photo shoot. Jemaine, Murray says, in comparison looks like an ogre from The Lord Of The Rings.

Worried about his size, Bret has a dream where he is visited by David Bowie dressed in his Ashes To Ashes video-clip outfit. Bowie (Jemaine in excellent hair, costume and make-up) tells him to do something outrageous to help his image. And so a series of events that are both hilarious and truly dire lead Bret to shock everyone to the core and utter perhaps the best line of the episode (about Bowie lending him a jumper).

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