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The Sydney Morning Herald

The week's best

Author: Sandra Hall, Joyce Morgan, Robin Oliver, George Palathingal
Date: 14/06/2008
Words: 353
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: Spectrum
Page: 4

The Orphanage The demons conjured up by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona in this haunted house movie are born of purely human elements - guilt, grief, memory and some very smart timing. Belen Rueda (pictured) makes a credibly intrepid heroine and Mexico's Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) is the producer. As horror films go, this one sits very firmly at the classy end of the spectrum. SH

Sandra Hall


The Pillowman An artist is brutally interrogated about his works and their relationship to some crimes involving children. No, it's not about Bill Henson. But Martin McDonagh's black comedy raises questions about the role of the artist. This riveting production is vividly realised by director Craig Ilott. Damon Herriman as the artist and Dan Wyllie and Marton Csokas as the cops are outstanding.

Joyce Morgan


Northanger Abbey, Sunday, ABC, 8.30pm Back to 18th-century Bath with Jane Austen and her young heroine, Catherine Moreland, who accepts an invitation to the dark and gothic Northanger Abbey.

Big Love, Monday, SBS, 8.30pm With a string of spouses in adjoining houses, Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) is deep in debt and offside with the Mormon church. But too many wives haven't spoilt the broth, for a charming waitress is in Bill's sights.

Spiral, Thursday, SBS, 8.30pm Rattling good Parisian murder investigation embroils idealistic police prosecutor in sleaze and corruption.

Robin Oliver


The Teenagers, Saturday, 8pm, Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst If, around the time of their sensational debut, New York new wavers the Strokes were French, liked synths as well as guitars and had filthy minds, they might have sounded like the Teenagers (pictured). Their stalker anthem Starlett Johansson is the funniest song since their obscene single Homecoming.

Kimya Dawson, Thursday, 7pm, Factory Theatre, Enmore; Friday, 7pm, Manning Bar, Sydney Uni The New Yorker behind most of the impossibly cute indie-folk songs on the Juno soundtrack sadly never made it here with her old band, the Moldy Peaches. She doesn't play their songs any more but her solo tunes are just as capable of making you grin like an idiot or cry like a baby.

George Palathingal

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