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Newcastle Herald


Author: with James Joyce
Date: 06/07/2000
Words: 303
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 71

A NEW series of the cute pre-school cartoon series about a curious and inventive young turtle and his animal pals.

NEIGHBOURS 6.30pm, Ten

RICHARD Morgan, a familiar face from The Sullivans (he played Terry), visits Ramsay Street in a guest role.

He plays Damon, a mysterious stranger found in the neighbourhood's `scary house'.

E.R. 8.30pm, NBN

NURSE Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) makes her much-hyped exit from County General.

Hathaway had twins to George Clooney's Dr Doug Ross before he left.

Margulies reportedly turned down $45million to do another two years.

THE SUM OF US 9.40pm, Prime

BEFORE he took Hollywood by storm in LA Confidential, The Insider and Gladiator, Russell Crowe put in an engaging performance in this delightful comedy about a salt-of-the-earth widower (Jack Thompson) and his wonderful relationship with his gay son (Crowe).


WEEK in, week out, Australians patrol the streets of New York in such TV fictions as Law and Order, NYPD Blue, Sex and the City and Seinfeld.

So, couch potatoes and history buffs alike should find this five-part documentary about the Big Apple very tasty indeed.

The producer of this wonderfully absorbing series, Ric Burns, had a hand in his brother Ken Burns' internationally acclaimed documentary epic The Civil War.

Five years in the making, New York: A Documentary Film uses a similarly crafty combination of contemporary footage, archival images and eloquent talking heads (historians, architects, actors, artists and writers) to explore the origins of `the supreme laboratory of modern life'.

David Ogden Stiers is the narrator.

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