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Drama remains the attraction

Author: Scott Ellis
Date: 18/01/2009
Words: 390
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 4
For most people, the prospect of living happily ever after is a pretty appealing thought.

But actors, it's been noted a few million times, are not most people.

Given the choice between a tidy storyline where everything is wrapped up in a nice neat package or a plot filled with uncertainty, turmoil, trouble and strife, chances are they'll take the latter.

It might not be fair on their characters they admit, but it's a lot more fun

to play.

"I'm enjoying having Leah struggle with life at the moment," says Ada Nicodemou, who this week starts her 10th year of playing single mum Leah Patterson-Baker on Seven's drama, Home And Away.

"Struggling with work, her son and herself is what her year will be about ... and that's what makes her a real character and what makes her challenging to play.

"I really love Leah --- I've always said she's the type of person I'd love to have as a friend - because she allows me to play so many different areas, from comedy to drama - and also because she's one of the few single-parent characters in Australian drama.

"She's someone a lot of people can relate to because she's just getting on with life and dealing with problems like running a business and bringing up a son. I think she's better doing that than if everything went her way.

"It's good to have her face a few problems ... and this year there are a few more of those heading her way."

Not that there aren't any bright points ahead for Leah, Nicodemou says.

Early in this series Summer Bay faces an invasion of Leah's relatives who arrive to celebrate her 30th birthday ... and offer some unwanted advice about the way she's living her life.

"And there is actually a romance in store for her," she says. "I can't give too much away but it's good for her.

"It's nice to see her happy and thinking of herself for a while but she is a realistic character with realistic problems and situations in her life and I think that's the more important thing for her to be rather than just part of a relationship."

Home And Away

Weeknights, 7pm, Seven

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