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Newcastle Herald


Author: with Ben Doherty
Date: 02/03/2001
Words: 702
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Friday Guide
Page: 7

HARKING back to the halcyon days of the 1970s and 1980s when young viewers would be glued to the ABC on Sunday evenings to catch Countdown, Aunty has a new youth-oriented line-up beginning this Sunday.

Kicking off at 5.45pm is the immensely popular British music

program Top of the Pops.

The ABC will satellite the UK's Friday episode into Australia on Saturday and it will go to air on Sunday.

Directly after Top of the Pops, at 6.10pm, is the new Australian

youth drama series Head Start.

In a clever response to the influx of reality TV swamping commercial networks, Head Start is a fictional program featuring a crop of young actors playing ordinary young people involved in a scheme to get a 'head start' on their ambitions in life.

The series begins with a large banking corporation running a

competition to foster innovation and creativity among Aussie youth. Applicants aged from 18 to 21 submit projects in the fields of the arts, sport, science, community and business.

The winners are handed $20,000 and full board with each other

in a freshly renovated Sydney warehouse called The Foundry.

Today, TV Herald profiles the players in the Head Start



(Blair Venn)

40, administrator

Garrett is the older overseer of the Head Start project. A former high-flier, Garrett lost everything in the stock market crash of 1989. Now he represents Pac Star, the banking corporation responsible for Head Start. He has an office in The Foundry and acts as adviser and friend to the seven young players.

KYLE RICHTER (Ryan Johnson)

21, sales and marketing

For the first time in his life, Kyle is 'doing' rather than 'talking'. With the gift of the gab, Kyle is ambitious, forthright and has a never-ending supply of energy. His ability to turn on the charm, particularly when women are involved, is a great asset - an asset he uses frequently to get out of trouble. Kyle is also a part-time courier.

CLARE GORMLEY (Nadia Townsend)

19, aquaculture

Clare has come a long way from her small country town to the Big Smoke. Wide-eyed and passionate, Clare is the brains behind a new yabbie-breeding project. Excited at the prospect of

living in the big city, Clare takes every opportunity thrust at her, something that often bothers her brother Patrick.


(Megan Dorman)

19, composer

Timid, fragile and sheltered, Katherine's boldest move was to apply to Head Start in the first place. A pianist, Katherine was set for a career

interpreting the classics. But beneath her delicate exterior lies a daring and provocative young woman.


(Freya Stafford)

19, film-maker

Basia is driven, determined and

opinionated. And she's used to being

in control. It's these qualities that compelled Basia to tell the heroic story of solo aviatrix Amanda Villiers. Basia's bravado and quick wit often intimidate those around her and she keeps potential friends at a distance.

SETH WALLACE (Garth Holcombe)

20, inventor

Passive, introverted and a little naive, Seth is a dreamer with a boundless enthusiasm for life. Seth is extremely good with facts and figures but is slow to open up to people, especially girls. But for once, one of his inventions is being taken seriously and he plans to make the most out of Head Start.


20, aquaculture

Despite his determination to succeed, Patrick never wanted to come to Sydney. Blunt, conservative and

sceptical about anything new, Patrick clashes with many at The Foundry. He's not afraid to speak his mind

and is very protective of sister Clare.

LOC MINH VU (Gareth Yuen)

20, website designer

Earnest, sincere and passionate, Loc's drive to succeed is about much more than professional recognition. It's personal. Loc uses his website to reunite refugees and their families from war-torn regions, something Loc knows about only too well.

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