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where are they now?

Author: - Linda Barnier
Date: 19/05/2001
Words: 331
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Saturday Magazine
Page: 5
IN just a few years former Muswellbrook boy Cameron Welsh has taken the acting world by storm.

At the tender age of 24, he can already boast teen superhunk status, a Logie nomination and has recently landed a coveted director's role.

Although it sounds like the lad has had a dream run, he is quick to tell you of the clunky road to soapie stardom.

While still in high school, Welsh, a budding actor, wrote a few plays and was also a talented musician. He had his own band and played at gigs around the Muswellbrook area.

Welsh credits his uncle, actor David Field (Chopper, Two Hands) for inspiring his acting career.

'He is an amazing actor,' Welsh said.

'I watched his work when I was growing up and thought "Yeah, that's what I'm going to do".'

When he was 17, Welsh packed his bags and left his hometown to seek fame and fortune in Sydney.

While he settled into the new city and shopped around for an agent, Welsh found work as an apprentice chef.

Four years later and a guest role on an ABC crime drama (Wildside), some TV commercials and a few films under his belt, Welsh auditioned for a role on the long-running soapie Home & Away.

'I auditioned for the part thinking it would be a guest role,' Welsh said last week.

His audition landed him a three-year contract as the mysterious Mitch McColl.

'Mitch was a good guy with an interest in helping people out,' Welsh said.

Last year, just 12 months after joining the Summer Bay gang, the former Hunter Valley boy was nominated for a Logie for most popular new talent.

'It was a bit surreal to be nominated and a huge honour,' he said.

Welsh has recently shifted camps.

He has gone from being in front of the television cameras to behind them. The 23-year-old has turned his hand to directing and produces a behind-the-scenes Home & Away spin-off for the show's UK fans called Back to the Bay.

'The program shows how we go about making the program,' Welsh said.

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