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Indiana Evans

Author: Interview Robyn Doreian
Date: 30/10/2011
Words: 726
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Sunday Life
Page: 8
Encouraging and creative parents helped this rising sydney-based performer get the acting bug at an early age.


I have always been close to my dad, Rob. Hes a writer and a tech-head, and so his job as a technical editor for a software company combines his interests. He is also a good storyteller and he used to read to me when I was little. Im not sure how old I was when this was taken, but Dad is holding me in the air, with my mum, Lorraine, and her friend Megan seated behind us. Since I was small, Dad and I have shared similar ideas about things, and when I have a problem its him I turn to instead of a friend. If I go away to shoot a TV series I really miss him. The qualities I inherited from him are the ability to be methodical, and introspection  we are both very quiet people.

2. sibling revelry

My distant aunt, whose American parents named her after the US state, inspired Mum to name me after her. Until I was 16 I shared a room with my older sister, Alexis [at left], and younger brother, Max. As a result, the three of us get along really well.

We used to play games; Mum, being a creative person, encouraged painting or activities like decorating cupcakes.

While filming Crownies I moved out of home but I moved back recently. Alexis, 24, is an office manager in a law firm and no longer lives at our Sydney home, so its just Max and myself. As a kid I was confused when friends siblings fought so much, as wed have to do something terrible to get angry at each other.

3. precocious talent

At primary school, a friend had enrolled in a talent agency and so, aged nine, I told Mum Id also like to join. Ever since I was young I did jazz and tap and ballet, and in primary school I was in the choir, drama group and was the drummer in the band. I loved to perform, so I thought acting might be fun. My first job with the agency was modelling for Bambini magazine.

Then, at 11, I landed a part in the TV series Snobs. Working on that show was intense because, as well as filming, I was being home-schooled. Id had no acting lessons and so I learnt on the job. This shot shows a quiet but determined young girl; one who rapidly fell in love with acting.

4. away from summer bay

I landed a role on Home and Away in 2004 but after 4? years it was time to leave. I was almost 18 and had gotten what I needed from the show. On my last day in 2008, I gave a speech to series producer Cameron Welsh [at right] and the cast and crew. Because I had come to the show at 13, they really were my family. It had become a running joke that my character, Matilda Hunter, did everything before I did: she beat me to her first drink and first kiss. I didnt tell actor Rhys Wakefield it was my first kiss, but when it came to do it I was nervous and was sure everyone would notice I had no idea what I was doing.

5. Crowning glory

In this shot I am with Crownies cast members Ella Scott Lynch [at left] and Jeanette Cronin. Of all the characters Ive played, the one I love best is [Crownies] graduate lawyer Tatum Novak. Its the most serious and mature role Ive done, the shows scripts are great, and its the first show where Ive been reviewed and had nice things said about my work. I can relate to Tatum, as we are both young in a field occupied by older people and therefore have to prove ourselves. While its common for Australian actors to focus on cracking Hollywood, I do wish to crack film. If that involves Hollywood, so be it, but I want the chance to work on film scripts that resonate. In Australia there are a lot of out-of-work actors, so I remind myself that to have had relatively constant work in this industry is pretty amazing.

Crownies, Season One, Part One ($50, ABC), is out now on DVD.

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