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Author: Malcolm Brown
Date: 23/06/2010
Words: 290
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 26
A US Federal Court judge suspended operation of a federal order that there be integration of black and white students at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas. Judge Hemley said integration had "broken down under the pressure of public opinion". The decision meant that seven pupils would have to leave. Federal troops had enforced the integration the previous September but the school board had had to hire security guards to keep peace. The board said it was putting the school out of pocket and begged relief from its obligations. The judge suspended the integration until the middle of the 1960-61 school term.

The Yugoslavia of Marshal Josip Tito came under strong attack at the Czechoslovakia Communist Party Congress for what was alleged to be "revisionism" in the Yugoslav practice of socialism. Delegates unanimously condemned Yugoslavia's policy and applauded a speech by the Czech party's chief ideologue, Jiri Hendrich, who said the Yugoslav leaders were "ideological pests". Delegates also cheered when Hendrich praised the execution of the Hungarian premier, Imre Nagy, whose policies had forced the Hungarian crisis of 1956.

Australian world champion sculler Stuart MacKenzie, a Melbourne Olympics silver medallist, became the fourth Australian to win the Diamond Sculls in England and the first Australian to win the Belgian and European championships. But at Marlow regatta in England he did his image no good when he rowed outside the marked area of other races and "paced" them. He said he was entitled to do that and that he was entitled to intervene when he rowed out in a skiff to a spectator launch that had gone out of its area and splashed water on the coxswain. One of the boater-hatted spectators shook his fist and shouted: "You bounder, sir!"

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