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Sunday Age

Flashback - The original Neighbours theme tune

Author: Melissa Kent
Date: 28/06/2009
Words: 224
Source: SAG
          Publication: The Sunday Age
Section: M
Page: 40
I blame Barry Crocker for my early Neighbours addiction. Every weeknight at 6.30pm, Bazza's dulcet tones would warble out of the box like a siren song. First came that jangly piano overture, then the immortal words: "Neeeeeeeiiiiiiiighbours. Everybody needs good Neeeeeeeiiiiiiiighbours." Those were crazy, exciting times in Erinsborough, as the opening montage attested: there was that mulleted spunk rat Scott fielding a cricket game in the cul-de-sac, Paul whacking a sixer through Madge's window and Daphne turning the sprinkler on Des. Fun times! I actually ran away from home one night at the age of 12, when Neighbours was denied me for reasons I've now forgotten. I huffed off and sat at the bus stop for what seemed like hours, tearfully picturing the panic that was unfolding at home. Finally, though, the guilt became too much, plus I was missing E Street, so I flounced back home. Turns out my Neighbours stand-off hadn't even been noticed. Anyway, my love affair with the Erinsborough gang ended roughly the same time that Barry's theme tune was replaced in the early '90s with the first of many updated versions. The appeal of these impostor credits is lost on me, even 2000's poolside sequence, featuring Dr Karl in a pair of budgie smugglers. Come back Bazza. The lounge room is a duller place without you.

-- Melissa Kent

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