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Date: 05/04/1998
Words: 687
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 3
THE DREW CAREY SHOW Tuesday, Channel 9, 8pm ****

In this hilarious homage to The Full Monty, Drew and his gang of guy pals have to raise some quick cash to buy a purebred dog after he accidentally neuters the boss's prize hound (yes, really). Inspired by the film, the boys decide to take it all off at their local watering hole. And viewers need not worry about being turned off their dinner - the gang's modesty is thankfully protected.

Movie: Leap Of Faith

Sunday, Channel 9, 8.30pm


Although it whimpered at the box office, this tale of a travelling evangelist-con man boasted an excellent performance by Steve Martin. No longer just a wild and crazy guy, Martin displayed real fine-tuned steel as the religious hustler. Debra Winger is excellent as his long-suffering assistant; the one-idea plot is ably fleshed-out by support performers like Liam Neeson and Lolita Davidovich.

Movie: Far And Away

Sunday, Channel 10, 8.30pm


You'll have to be a big fan of Tom Cruise to overlook his leprechaun-fruity accent and director Ron Howard's shamrock-shameless schmalz of a story. For those who don't mind turning off the brain, the big-budget approach and occasional moments of action make this easy to digest entertainment. It's like one of those classy B-graders which Hollywood studios used to turn out with much less fuss and hype.


Monday, Channel 7, 8.30pm


If this series were any warmer, it would melt. Friendly characters, feel-good stories, even the baddies are nice. This week PC Rowan (Nick Berry) investigates a shooting accident which appears to be more than it seems on the surface. Meanwhile, the flour is flying at the local bakery when scheming Greengrass (Bill Maynard) gets his grasping hands on the secret recipe for Aidensfield buns.

Inside Story: The Rough Shed

Tuesday, ABC, 8.30pm


A fly-on-the-wall style documentary following three generations of a shearing family, this film reveals the unromantic reality of outback life. Shearer's cook Mary, her young shearer son Errol and his four-year-old daughter Kayla, endure long hours, hard work, low pay and an itinerant lifestyle. An eye-opener for soft city dwellers and not for the faint-hearted.

Good Guys, Bad Guys

Tuesday, Channel 9, 9.30pm


If there is such a thing as designer drama, this series is it. With its stylish sets, slick production values and hip soundtrack, GGBG is perfectly pointed towards the younger demographic. Fortunately style doesn't override substance here. This week retired cop Elvis Maginnis (Marcus Graham) gets involved in a murder investigation when his new girlfriend's former husband is found dead and Stella (Alison Whyte) launches an inquiry of her own.

Joy Adamson: Born Wild?

Saturday, ABC, 6pm


Passionate, promiscuous, pernicious ... Born Free author Joy Adamson isn't exactly painted in a flattering light in this film about her life. Still, it's a fascinating biopic of an extraordinary woman who was probably simply ahead of her time, featuring interviews with her friends, relatives and colleagues, including Sir David Attenborough. The wonderful footage of Kenya's wide plains, rugged mountains and wild animals is a bonus.


More than 1,300 competitors take part in The Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, live from Kurrawa Beach, Queensland, with all the action on Channel 9 from 11am. Wackiness ensues on Dharma And Greg on Channel 7 at 8pm when Greg injures his groin while attempting yoga. Dharma offers to fill in at his legal practice while he recovers, setting off a chain of highly amusing events. And if that doesn't raise a smile, tune into Compass on the ABC at 10.15pm. This week's installment is titled How To Be Happy and looks at why people seek contentment through spirituality.

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