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The Age

Hot Shots - Hot Shows

Date: 16/04/1998
Words: 300
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 2
Hot Shots

What Melbourne will be talking about this week . . .

1. Man of Muscles Loses Mind. Superheroes Saturday continues on its merry, mythical way with Hercules afflicted by amnesia. Meanwhile, his soul sister, lesbian icon Xena, the Warrior Princess, teams up with Helen of Troy.

2. Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go. And so it begins, the first strains of soccer fever, with the World Cup Countdown (Friday, 8pm, SBS) providing profiles of the 32 teams contesting the cup.

3. Dogs Bite Back. The flurry of faxes continues in the PR war between Blue Heelers and Water Rats. The prize? The title of Australia's Most Watched Drama. The last round has been claimed by the Heelers, who attracted 806,000 viewers last week.

4. Cleveland Rocks In Its Jocks. The heroes of The Drew Carey Show (Tuesday, 8pm, Channel 9) get a chance to strut their stuff when they are visited by members of the cast from the Brit hit, The Full Monty, in an episode entitled The Dog And Pony Show.

Hot Shows

What we'll be watching this week . . .

Yes, it's on again: "Australian Television's Night of Nights", the magazine promotion that has become the industry's lone high-profile awards ceremony. Daryl Somers will host the 40th anniversary edition and stars coming out to play - and hoping to accept statuettes - include good bloke Ray Martin, top sheila Lisa McCune and reigning daytime queen Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

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