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Newcastle Herald


Author: with Ben Doherty
Date: 15/01/2002
Words: 304
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 55

7.30pm, NBN

ONE of the gems of the non-ratings season, The Drew Carey Show is consistently funny but isn't immune to getting a little soppy now and then.

And it's pretty soppy territory tonight with Drew in a coma and on a respirator after a car accident.

But fear not. Things may get emotional in Drew's hospital room as the gang must decide whether to `pull the plug' or not, but Drew transports himself and us to a wonderful fantasy world not dissimilar to something Homer Simpson might dream up.

There's pizza growing on trees, scantily clad models and a slave Mimi without make-up.


8pm, ABC

YOU don't have to be a country music fan to appreciate this new series looking at different Aussie country musicians.

It helps, but the series from writer, director and producer Lindsay Frazer is as much about people as it is about music.

Sort of Australian Story with a twang.

Sara Storer is the focus of tonight's first episode.

She won the best new talent Golden Guitar at last year's Tamworth Country Music Festival and developed her love for music while working as a teacher and roadhouse cook in the Northern Territory. IMRAN KHAN: ISLAM AND AMERICA

8pm, SBS

FORMER cricketing playboy turned philanthropist Imran Khan attempts to shed some light on the growing divide between the Western world, as represented by America, and the Muslim world, as represented by his country Pakistan.

`Attempts' because it must be said that he doesn't do much of a job as the program degenerates into a one-sided argument.

It's interesting to see Khan in a different light, but he was a better cricketer than TV presenter.

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