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Newcastle Herald

Time to come up roses

Author: Judy Sharpe
Date: 09/06/2001
Words: 517
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Saturday Magazine
Page: 17
June is the ideal time and here are some tips on colour.

GARDENERS should grab the opportunity while the sun is shinning to plant out new roses. Although still sticks at this point in time, roses will soon reward with new foliage and flowers. Bear in mind that June is the ideal time for selection, buying and planting.

There are always multitudes of new releases to choose from - one of the prettiest this year is 'Fiona's Wish'.

Named in honour of Fiona Coote this lovely bi-coloured rose has been selected for its superb fragrance and its disease tolerance. Fiona, being Australia's youngest and longest surviving heart transplant patient is devoted to the ongoing success of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Unit, which will receive a contribution from each rose sold.

'Fiona's Wish' is a hybrid tea (bush rose) borne on long single stems with abundant bronze green foliage - the bi-coloured blooms are cherry red, edged with gold reverse.

Swane's Roses have released 'Diana Princess of Wales' for 2001 - it is a classic hybrid tea bearing large elegantly shaped buds which open to full flowers of impeccably, high-centred form. The sweetly fragrant blooms are ivory overlaid with a clear pink blush.

If you'd like something a little different look for 'Stainless Steel', the colour of which is difficult to describe as it hovers between silver, pink and mauve. Although a delicate pastel shade 'Stainless Steel' is a strong rose of classic form which is vigorous and upright.

Let's look at colour favourites - yours may differ, but I steadfastly stick to my old favourites which I know grow well in our area.

I often wonder why gardeners fuss over which WHITE to plant - I think white is white is white and why would you pick anything other than the rose which blooms the best - Iceberg!

RED - don't go past 'City of Newcastle Bicentenary'. This magnificently perfumed rose has won hearts all over Australia -- it even performs well in shadier gardens!

The best PINK rose is hard to determine - any of these three deserve a spot in the garden - Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Princess de Monaco.

Diamond Jubilee gives me pleasure in each garden I

plant - this beautiful rose is basically CREAM - a repetitive bloomer which can surprise with a flush of pink, sometimes lemon, but overall the colour is buff through to caramel, almost apricot - a very large fragrant rose.

BLUE/MAUVE is always a difficult choice - although Blue Moon is often requested, Paradise is much more rewarding.

I'd like to say Peace is my YELLOW choice, beautiful as it is, I find it difficult in comparison to Friesa which bears an abundance of blooms.

After you have made the difficult decision - which new rose to plant, stop and consider where you are planting. Roses need sun! Preparation for planting should have been done before - soil should have been prepared with compost and NO fertiliser. Fertiliser will burn new roses!

If you haven't prepared the ground for planting use Debco Rose Compost, making sure you don't let the new roses dry out - while the sap stream is rising in the dormant plant it must have regular water.

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