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Date: 19/04/2013
Words: 1862
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: TV Magazine
Page: 35

The Living Room

SC TEN, 7.30pm

Rebel Wilson (right) is all over Hollywood

at the moment, with roles in Pitch Perfect,

Bridesmaids and Bachelorette under her

belt, along with the plum gig as host of

the MTV Movie Awards. Yet, the homegrown comedian

has somehow found time in her busy schedule to sit

down in The Living Room studio with host Amanda Keller

and share gossip about her exciting life in La La Land.

Chris Brown heads to the Cook Islands in the beautiful

South Pacific Ocean, on the hunt for a rare bird.

Urban Secrets: London

SBS ONE, 7.35pm

Actor and author Alan Cumming (right)

saddles himself with the intimidating

task of unveiling the secrets of some of

the worlds biggest cities, as host of this

travel series. The Scottish entertainer is now a naturalised

American living in New York, but no matter as tonight he

tries to bare the hidden corners and histories of London.

He begins at St Pauls Cathedral, one of the busiest tourist

spots in London, before exploring a hidden park and

having a guided tour of Soho.


ELEVEN, 6.30pm

Two years ago, Neighbours darling Carla Bonner

(right) announced she was departing Ramsay Street

after 11 years to head for the hills of Hollywood.

As independent Steph Scully, Bonner was a fan

favourite, leaving a gaping hole when she was

bundled off to jail. But now shes back  and Toadie

(Ryan Moloney, who is training to be a full-time

pilot  will he leave the nest soon, too?) better

watch out, because she has a bone to pick with him

about how he represented her in court.


Wild Things With Dominic


ABC2, 7.30pm

Dominic Monaghan (right) often found

himself in unusual and stressful situations

while playing Charlie Pace on Lost. And as Merry the

hobbit in the The Lord of the Rings films, he saw his fair

share of weird creatures. But in this eight-part series, the

likeable German-born actor is doing these things for real,

scouring the globe in search of some of the worlds most

fascinating animals. Tonight, Dom heads to a remote

underground river in Laos to seek out a rare giant spider.

Inspector George Gently

ABC1, 8.30pm

Based on novels by Alan Hunter, this

enjoyable British detective series stars

Martin Shaw (right) as the titular character.

Emotions run high in tonights episode

 which is in the fifth series but is just the 14th episode

overall  as Gently and Detective Sergeant John Bacchus

(Lee Ingleby) investigate the kidnapping of a middle-class

couples adopted child. The childs birth-mother is added

among the prime suspects, but theres more to the case

than just the abduction.

Steve Irwins Wildlife Warriors

SC TEN, 4.30pm

Before his death in 2006, Steve Irwin shot to stardom

as a TV personality and conservationist. His infectious

enthusiasm for wildlife reached hundreds of millions of

viewers across the globe, encouraging many to take

active interest in the animal kingdom. His lifes work

has continued after his death, with Irwins legacy

upheld by his family. This series features his wife

Terri (right) , daughter Bindi and son Robert, as well

as members of Australia Zoo, with a focus on the

zoos wildlife hospital and rescue unit.


Downton Abbey

PRIME7, 8.30pm

If youve been strong enough not to

sneak a peak at the finale online, the commercials

alone are enough to leave a fan

in a flutter. Scandal! Intrigue! Disaster!

This third season of Downton has been one shock after

the other, but it all comes to a head tonight in the final

episode. The Crawleys head to Scotland for Christmas

with Roses (Lily James) family, but tensions reach boiling

point as the young firecracker causes mischief. And then,

its that cliffhanger. Stars Dan Stevens (above).

Junior Doctors: Your Life In

Their Hands

ABC2, 8.30pm

Theyve spent years up to their elbows in

exams and cadavers, but how do newly

minted doctors cope with their first days on the hospital

ward? When decisions are a matter of life and death, not

just an exam mark, will they be able to correctly diagnose

ailing patients, or will the stress become too much? Eight

junior doctors move in together and put their lives under

the microscope for a crash course in real-life medical

emergencies at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.


SC TEN, 8.30pm

Tonight, a manager at a high-end hotel is found

stuffed inside a washing machine. Never fear

though, as Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and

Watson (Lucy Liu, right) are on the case to

dig up the dirt on the happenings behind the

facade. Then, realising their time as a team

is coming to an end, Holmes offers Joan an

apprenticeship. Is it just his way of keeping

her around because he cant express his

true feelings?


MythBusters: Titanic


SBS ONE, 7.30pm

MythBusters makes science fun  and if

you watch MythBusters religiously, your

head should be filled with fascinating tidbits that will

put you well within a chance of winning any decent pub

quiz. Tonight, the popular show (thats not just for nerds),

is back for a new series, and the team wants to know

if Jacks death at the end of the 1997 film Titanic was

preventable. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (above)

bravely recreate the scene to find out.


PRIME7, 8.45pm

Poor Emily (Emily VanCamp, right) just

cant seem to catch a break. Not only has

she been trying to infiltrate herself into

a family full of glamorous smiling assassins

to avenge her fathers death, she also had to pretend

not to have feelings for spunky boy next door Jack (Nick

Wechsler). And tonight, that missed opportunity comes

crashing down on her like a tonne of bricks when shes

standing at Jack and Amandas (Margarita Levieva) wedding.

Stars Madeleine Stowe and Josh Bowman.

Mad Men

SBS ONE, 9.30pm

While season six is heating up over on pay-TV, get up to

speed with the juicy season four tonight on SBS. Petes

(Vincent Kartheiser) dreams of leaving lovely yet boring

wife Trudy (Alison Brie) are quashed when she

reveals shes pregnant. Back in the office, Peggy

(Elisabeth Moss, right) catches the eye of a stranger

in the lift who then proceeds to get under

her skin. Will his rule-breaking charm force her

to rethink her relationship with her sweet-as-pie

new squeeze?



ELEVEN, 8.30pm

Brittany (Heather Morris, right) has

emerged as a breakout star of this hit

program, and the lovable ditz takes

centre stage tonight. Bringing her cat

Lord Tubbington to school to ask the glee club for help

with writing him a song, her surprising end-of-the-world

predictions make a mark on those around her. Its an

emotional episode as students and teachers share their

innermost secrets and feelings theyve kept quiet. Glee

will tug at your heartstrings.

Hard Time

ABC2, 9.30pm

Plenty of US dramas have revolved around

the prison system (Prison Break, Oz,

Alcatraz) but most have used a certain

artistic license to appeal to audiences. This

show takes no liberties with the material, instead portraying

a gritty, honest account of life behind bars in a maximum-

security jail. The third episode in the six-part series

focuses on the strict rules of Georgias Hays State Prison,

and not the law-abiding ones from the administration, but

the day-to-day shifts in power between the inmates.

Anger Management

NBN, 10.40pm

Say what you will about Charlie Sheen (right), but the

actor/troublemaker sure knows how to lure the stars

to his shows. In tonights double episode, Charlie and

Kate (Selma Blair) are called as expert witnesses to the

same trial, but their love of a competition soon stands in

the way. Meanwhile, in group therapy, Charlie gives Nolan

(Derek Richardson) a painting assignment to help explore

his feelings, but things go from bad to worse when

Lacey (Noureen DeWulf) takes an unusual shine

to his work of art.


I Think Im An Animal

ABC2, 8.45pm

There are people out there who truly

believe they are animals born into a

human body. The more cynical of us will

no doubt wonder why most of the people

afflicted by this state of mind are the ones who believe

theyre really cool animals like wolves and leopards 

nary a slug or rabbit among them. Are their difficult

social lives a result of them believing they are animals or

vice versa? Known as otherkin, these folks are making

an increasing presence on the internet, of course.


SBS ONE, 9.35pm

The network behind The Killing (the

original Danish series, not the American

incarnation) delivers this interesting new

Danish political drama. Set in the titular

Borgen (which translates to the castle and represents

the nickname of Denmarks parliament building) follows

the lives of the people entwined there. In tonights series

opener, moderate party leader Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse

Babett Knudsen, above) makes a last-minute change of

course after another party leader changes his policy.

The Elegant Gentlemans Guide To

Knife Fighting

ABC1, 9.30pm

If what is without question the coolest program title

in the history of television doesnt entice you,

then we dont know what to tell you & well,

thats not completely true, you could just

read on. Created by Sydney-based comedy

crew the Jungleboys, this six-part sketch-comedy

series is an occasionally warped

view of the teams sense of humour.

Features Georgina Haig (right).


Desert War: Tobruk

ABC1, 8.30pm

The Siege of Tobruk and the battle for

El Alamein were part of the most

celebrated campaigns of World War II.

This insightful account is sure to excite

history buffs. Tonight, in part one of this two-part series,

the unbelievable personal stories from the frontlines are

told. Labelled rats by their enemies, 25,000 Australian

and British soldiers stood their ground around the Port of

Tobruk on the Libyan coast, ensuring a siege lasting eight

bloody months.

Marco Pierre Whites

Kitchen Wars

SBS ONE, 8.35pm

Aussies are no strangers to Marco Pierre

White (right) after he appeared on the

recent MasterChef: Professionals ratings flop. In Europe,

White has a reputation few can match in the culinary

world, having achieved the highest acclaim in the kitchen

before becoming a restaurateur. Kitchen Wars is the hunt

for a pair who can create Britains best dining experience.

In tonights third semi-final, each team must race against

the clock and serve a three-course meal to 25 guests.

Law & Order: SVU

SC TEN, 8.30pm

Probably the best of the Law & Order franchise, SVU

follows the elite team of New York City detectives as they

try to solve sexually related crimes. Tonight, detective

Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay, right) and the team

are drawn into a cold case when, after 25 years, a New

York rape and murder is linked to a series of unsolved

crimes from around the country. With the investigation

crossing state lines, FBI agent Dana Lewis (Marcia Gay

Harden) comes in to help solve the case, which she

seems to have a personal history with.

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