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Illawarra Mercury

Home once more for birthday celebrations

Author: with KILMENY ADIE
Date: 07/07/2005
Words: 314
Source: ILL
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: News
Page: 63
Home And Away

Prime, 7pm

More faces from the past return to Summer Bay tonight as viewers head towards a Friday night trip down memory lane.

There has been a steady influx of former residents as preparations for Alf's (Ray Meagher, pictured below left with cast) surprise 60th birthday bash near completion.

Blake (Les Hill) and Sophie (Rebekah Elmaloglou) are thinking about picking up the threads of their romance and Robbie and Tasha's marriage leaves Beth stunned.

But what tonight is really about is setting the scene for tomorrow night's party - which involves teary speeches, surprise faces and the all-important flashbacks.

Not to mention an exciting cliffhanger (appropriate because tomorrow night is the soap's 4000th episode) that will have fans switching on next Monday night to see what's happened to their favourite characters.

DNA: The Secret Of Life

ABC, 8.30pm

This episode is the first in a five-part series exploring the race to discover the structure of DNA (right), and how the work of scientists changed people's understanding of the world and everything in it.

The documentary this week looks at the pioneering scientists who answered some of the difficult questions - What is life? How is it made? Why are children like their parents?

It is quite amazing to think only 50 years ago almost no-one knew of the existence of DNA.

That changed when two scientists - Jim Watson and Francis Crick - ran into a pub in Cambridge shouting that they'd found the secret of life.

The program takes viewers back to the beginning and guides them through to the development of the double helix model built by Watson and Crick sometime after they left the pub.

It also looks at others involved with the DNA story, including Maurice Wilkins, who helped create the atom bomb then started looking at the structure of DNA.

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