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Newcastle Herald

Axle is tuning back up for summer

Author: with Amy Edwards
Date: 24/01/2011
Words: 160
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 12
AXLE Whitehead is not only returning to television screens on Home and Away tonight, his music career will also ramp up again in 2011.

Whitehead has written and recorded a new single, Sister Sunshine, which is due for release in February-March.

A former Australian Idol contestant, Whitehead's debut single, I Don't Do Surprises, was a top-10 hit on the ARIA charts in 2008.

"It's a Jack Johnson-type tune. A good little summer song," Whitehead told The Word.

Meanwhile, Whitehead's Summer Bay character Liam will enjoy a more settled relationship with Bianca, played by Lisa Gormley, this season.

The duo are rumoured to also be an item off-screen, but Whitehead would not confirm this.

"I've been trying to have a crack for a while now. We'll see if my charm works," he joked to The Word.

Whitehead's character finished last season by busting up Bianca's wedding and running off with the bride.

"It was a lot of fun playing that storyline," he said.

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