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Newcastle Herald

Doing short time with gaol spooks

Author: with Amy Edwards and Sarah-Kate Scicluna
Date: 19/02/2007
Words: 304
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 12
HE may play a tough guy on Home and Away but Maitland Gaol had Mark Furze a little spooked.

The actor spent four days filming at the historic site in November and his prison scenes begin screening on Prime television tonight (see main picture above).

"I'm told it is haunted. We were shooting till it got dark, about 8pm one night, and it was a bit creepy," Furze told The Word.

"I'm not into spiritual things but I got a really bad vibe from that place."

On screen, Furze will be battling some demons as well.

His Home and Away character, Ric Dalby, finds himself confronted with an old enemy, who happens to be in the same prison as him.

So will viewers get to see a little biffo behind bars?

"Of course. You know Dalby, he's always in fights," Furze said.

Furze claims he's not much of a fighter himself and preferred theatre and art subjects at school to playing rugby.

"I do boxing training but it's purely for fitness," he said.

Furze was cast in Home and Away while still at school in his home town of Orange. His mother and father, who is a dentist, still live there.

While growing up in Orange, Furze appeared in productions for the Orange Theatre Company, including the musical Oliver!, in which he starred at the age of 10 alongside his dad, who was Fagan.

His singing voice continues to be recognised. He recently made it to the final three of UK Celebrity Sing-off Soapstar Superstar and also appeared on Australian TV in It Takes Two.

The singer, who also plays drums and guitar, is planning to get his band Charger off the ground and wants to be playing live gigs in Sydney by his 21st birthday in May.

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