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Newcastle Herald

Channelsurf: The TV week

Date: 12/01/2001
Words: 451
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Friday Guide
Page: 3

Neighbours, series return, 6.30pm Monday, Ten

IT just wouldn't be cricket for TV Herald to talk about Home and Away while ignoring Australia's (and Britain's) other favourite soap.

The return of Neighbours also signals the impending return of TV normality, which is a comforting thought. Incredibly, this is Neighbours' 17th season.

Fans will recall that last season's finale saw Joel (Daniel MacPherson) and Flick (Holly Valance) succumb to their hormones, despite Flick's dad being anti-Joel.

Let the angst begin.


Jesse, 8pm Monday, NBN

CHRISTINA Applegate's Jesse just may be the most irritating character to have ever appeared on TV.

Those who remember the first series would know that Jesse was once surrounded

by a loving family, including brothers and a father who ran a pub.

They've gone now (and you can't blame them). So has the pub.

The new men in Jesse's life are a couple of weirdos down at the medical centre.

Diego still lives next door, though, and slowly but surely seems to be going bonkers.


Four Fathers, 8.40pm, ABC

IF you liked Prime Suspect and Cracker (and you'd be crackers if you didn't) there's a good chance you'll like this new four-part British series from the same producer.

Set in the small town of Kinsley Maddoc, Four Fathers sees four very different men struggling through life with their children and partners.

There's everything from pregnancy to poverty to ballroom dancing.


Sunday Stereo Special: The Queen of Spades,

Sunday 7.30pm, ABC

WHACK on the radio to ABC Classic FM, whack on the telly, then tune in to what's considered the best-ever performance of this Tchaikovsky opera.

One-third of the Three Tenors, Placido Domingo, leads a stellar cast in this New York Metropolitan Opera production.

For those who enjoy a little opera trivia, Domingo's Ghermann is his 112th operatic role.


The Big Picture: War of the Century, Thursday 9.30pm, ABC

FAILING to learn from Napoleon's mistake, in 1941 Hitler broke the golden rule of warfare by trying to wage battle on opposite fronts and march into the Soviet Union.

It was the largest and most costly military operation in history and resulted in 20million Soviet dead alone.

This four-part series tells the story of Operation Barbarossa and Germany's subsequent war against the Soviet Union.

It features unique access to film archives and interviews with

participants who have never before spoken out.

- Ben Doherty

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