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Author: GR
Date: 26/04/2013
Words: 1807
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: TV Magazine
Page: 43

ELEVEN, 6.30pm

Compared to glitzy Home and Away, with

its abundance of sun and sand locations,

the set of Neighbours has often felt dark,

dated and, well, daggy. Ramsay St has

never been a style hub, but with the arrival of the intriguing

Turner family, things are starting to change. Tonight,

Ambers (Jenna Rosenow, above) actions in the online

world come back to bite her. Meanwhile, Georgia (Saskia

Hampele) is carrying the weight of the world on her

shoulders with the fear her career is over.

American Idol

SC TEN, 8.30pm

Were down to the final four  lets just hope

the results (and judges) dont inspire any

four-letter words when the final three are

revealed. Some fans complain judges Keith

Urban, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey (right)

keep repeating their advice and are guilty of being unhelpfully

vague. Tonight, the all-girl contestants sing their hearts

out in front of the live audience, then its straight into the

results show. Will bubbly country singer and fan favourite

Kree Harrison make it through to the final three?

Silent Witness

ABC1, 8.30pm

Now in its 16th season, Silent Witness is often best

known for its gory lab scenes. William Gaminara,

who plays Professor Leo Dalton, recently left the

popular, almost-vintage UK crime series and said:

The worst moment was probably when I had to

pick maggots out of a dead mans eye socket.

Tonight, Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox, right) and

forensic scientist Jack Hodgson (played by newcomer

David Caves) investigate a case of two women

who are found shot dead in the basement of a house

> 44 >

David Attenboroughs The

Blue Planet: Tidal Seas

SC TEN, 6.30pm

Theres certainly been a David

Attenborough (right) resurgence on

our screens of late, but lets face it, you can never have

too much of the famous filmmaker. Tonight, Sir David

explores the worlds waters in Tidal Seas, in which he

follows giant stingrays as they ride the current and finds

the worlds fastest snail. Spectacular images and informative

narrative are always a given when Attenborough is

involved  this is as good as nature documentaries get.


SBS ONE, 8.35pm

After testifying in a trial in the US and moving

to Norway under the witness relocation

program, New York gangster Frank Tagliano

(Steven Van Zandt, right) had no trouble

landing himself in more complicated situations seemingly

within minutes of arriving in his new home. While were only

into the fifth episode in this promising drama series, Franks

relationship with mother-of-one Sigrid has escalated quickly,

as has his social prominence. Tonight, Frank gets the idea to

launder money through investing in art.

Last Tango In Halifax

ABC1, 7.30pm

Fans of this British romantic drama will be happy

to hear it is poised to return for a second

season, having impressed over the course

of its six-episode maiden series. Tonights

instalment sees Caroline (Sarah Lancashire)

commit to her relationship with Kate (Nina

Sosanya) and comes out to husband John

(Paul Garvey), who hits the bottle and

spills the beans to Celia (Anne Reid,


> 45 >

Call The Midwife

ABC1, 8.30pm

Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth

and set in East London in the 1950s, Call

the Midwife centres on the community

of Poplar and, in particular, the nuns and

midwives of Nonnatus House. Tonight, the town is preparing

for the annual summer fete and the midwives are

more involved than ever with running the fetes first baby

show. Meanwhile, Jenny (Jessica Raine, above) meets

Nora Harding (Sharon Small), a mother of eight with number

nine on the way and no idea how she is going to cope.

The Mentalist

NBN, 8.40pm

Aussie Simon Baker (right) has come a

long way since winning the Logie for Most

Popular New Talent in 1992. Playing the

role of Patrick Jane, a consultant for the

California Bureau of Investigation, his focus is the pursuit

of Red John, the madman who killed his wife and daughter.

Tonight, the CBI heads to a run-down wild west tourist

town after the owner is found dead. Meanwhile, Kirkland

(Kevin Corrigan) tries to find out how much Jane really

knows about Red John.

Modern Family

SC TEN, 7.00pm

The reason Modern Family is such a successful

show is simple: everyone can relate to some part

of it. The creators have stumbled onto a topic

matter that will simply never get old. Tonight,

as usual, there are a mountain of events

going on. Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and

Cameron (Eric Stonestreet, right) are both

best men at friend Sals (Elizabeth Banks)

wedding. However, the bride-to-be is getting

cold feet.

> 46 >

Greys Anatomy

PRIME7, 10.00pm

In juicy season nine, money is running

thin and the doctors take it upon themselves

to come up with a plan. Before

then though, the hospital administrators

try marketing the brains and beauty of staff by choosing

the next face of Seattle Grace. Long-time fans wont be

disappointed that its down to Alex (Justin Chambers)

and Jackson (Jesse Williams, above). Then, Callie (Sara

Ramirez) and Richard (James Pickens Jr) visit a recently

revitalised hospital to understand what they are all in for.

Person Of Interest

NBN, 10.10pm

In these times of heightened danger and

senseless tragedies, governments around

the world could really take a cue from this

clever crime drama. What government

wouldnt want to get their hands on The Machine? A surreal

device invented by Finch (Michael Emerson) that can

foresee terrorist attacks and violent acts. Tonight, Finch

and Reese (Jim Caviezel) are in a race against time to save

the life of a medical big gun after he is poisoned with an

unknown toxin.

Breaking Bad

ABC2, 9.30pm

Picking up right where it left off, tonights season

four premiere is packed with plenty of stressful

situations and nerve-racking moments.

In the wake of their potential replacements

murder, Walt (Bryan Cranston, right) and

Jesse (Aaron Paul) face an anxious wait

to see how their drug lord boss Gus

(Giancarlo Esposito) will respond. To say

hes displeased with how events have transpired

would be an understatement.

> 47 >

The Biggest Loser: The

Next Generation

SC TEN, 7.30pm

Six weeks into their weight-loss journey

and the contestants are still shedding

the kilos at an impressive rate. And while theyre by no

means doing it easy, the plus-sized participants have settled

into a healthy routine of diet and exercise, a far cry

from the early days. Now that theyve got some fitness

under their belts, Michelle (above) and Commando take

the opportunity to break up the monotony of their regular

training by organising a special session.

Packed To The Rafters

PRIME7, 9.00pm

Soak it up while you can  were edging

ever closer to the conclusion of the sixth

and final season of this hit Aussie drama.

And although the end is in sight, theres

definitely still plenty going on in the lives of the Rafter

family. Nathan (Angus McLaren, above), fully focused

on building a strong foundation for Saskia (Lauren Clair)

and Edward, accepts a new job despite some obviously

less-than-ideal aspects that come with it. What he doesnt

know, however, is Saskia is hiding a secret from him.


SC TEN, 8.30pm

Having clocked up more than 200 episodes, in addition

to the growing success of the shows spin-off NCIS:

Los Angeles, this popular police procedural is

still going strong. Its success is a product of

fascinating plotlines and quality characters,

led by Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon, right),

who continues to lock up bad guys by the

dozens with relative ease. Tonights episode

sees Gibbs investigate a case after his barber

comes to him for help.

> 48 >

Criminal Minds

PRIME7, 8.30pm

Of the countless crime shows on television

at the moment, Criminal Minds prides

itself on being a bit darker and edgier than

most procedurals. That said, tonight it

does precede an episode of new series Hannibal, which is

rewriting the definition of commercial network edge-factor.

Tonight, four men go missing, but when no common

link is found among the victims, the team must reconsider

their prime suspect. Then, JJ (A.J. Cook, above) tries to

convince son Henry to join in Halloween celebrations.

Head First

ABC2, 9.30pm

Filmmaker and former journalist Sabour

Bradley (right) says fear is his first motivation

for choosing a story. Kind of like

Australias answer to Louis Theroux,

Bradley jumps headfirst into extreme situations all for the

pursuit of a good story. This new six-part series sees him

live under the rules of the Intervention in Arnhem Land,

head to Hollywood with a wannabe star and discover what

its like to be born in the wrong body. Tonights first episode

sees him infiltrate the world of internet love scams.


PRIME7, 9.30pm

Mention the name Hannibal Lecter and youre

bound to send shivers down anyones spine.

The sights and sounds of Anthony Hopkins

Oscar-winning performance are the kind that

stay with you forever. This new wonderfully

gory series has the equally creepy and talented

Mads Mikkelsen (right, Casino Royale) as

Lecter and, while only three episodes in, the

tension and intrigue is near breaking point.

Tonight, a copycat killer is on the loose.

> 49 >

Shane Delias Spice


SBS ONE, 7.30pm

SBS is making a name for itself as a channel

serious about its food, especially

when it comes to local chefs. Already touting the talents

of Luke Nguyen, Peter Kuruvita, Guy Grossi and Matthew

Evans, the hungry network now adds the esteemed

Shane Delia to its culinary smorgasbord. In this 10-part

series, the lively Delia travels to his homeland Malta.

Tonight, he follows the centuries-old spice trade routes

across the sea to port city Tripoli.

The Checkout

ABC1, 8.00pm

The Chaser team have a reputation that

precedes them, but if you love them or hate

them, this new satirical series is a clever

must-see. Offering a surprisingly mature

and informative look at how customers are being duped

and what they can do about it. The Chasers Craig Reucassel

and Julian Morrow (above), along with Hungry Beasts

Kirsten Drysdale and Kate Browne from consumer group

CHOICE, blow the lid off company tricks. Offering bang for

your buck, youll be shocked by the teams discoveries.

Top Gear

NBN, 7.30pm

Boys and their toys  its a winning formula that James

May, Jeremy Clarkson (right) and Richard Hammond

have won audiences over with for nearly 19 seasons.

One of the fan favourites is the epic race; its hard to

tire of the presenters shenanigans, even if the format

feels like it is scripted. Tonight, Clarkson races

Hammond and May from Wembley Stadium to

the San Siro in Milan, where the winner pockets

a ticket to watch AC Milan play Anderlecht

in the UEFA Champions League.

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