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Date: 15/02/2013
Words: 1609
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: TV Magazine
Page: 35


ELEVEN, 6.30pm

Some of the folk on Ramsay Street arent

doing well at the moment, but in the

dramatic land of soapies, there are often

more lows than highs when it comes to

the tangled lives of the characters. Tonight, Chris (James

Mason, above) is almost sent over the brink by a horrible

memory. Meanwhile, Lous (Tom Oliver) daughter Lauren

(Kate Kendall) is causing a flurry of gossip with her familys

strange behaviour. It isnt surprising  celebrating the

birthday of an absent child will always raise eyebrows.

MyBig Fat Fetish

ABC2, 9.30pm

The mantra is the bigger the better.

Beware, this eye-opening documentary

is not for the faint hearted: some might

feel inspired, disgusted, slightly disturbed

or even sad. Featuring plenty of bare, wobbly flesh (and

plenty is the operative word) it follows a handful of proud

women who embrace their very large bodies, along with

their adoring partners, called feeders. Known as gainers,

the women market their almost-naked bodies online

to a niche audience.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries

ABC1, 8.30pm

Dr Lucien Blake (Craig McLachlan, right) is a keeper of

secrets and a solver of mysteries. The year is 1959 and

Blake has returned to his home town of Ballarat to take

over his deceased fathers medical practice. Tonight,

Blake is called in to investigate what happened to a

travelling salesperson found dead after a car accident.

When he discovers the salesperson met foul play, and

when Chief Superintendent Lawson (Joel Tobeck) is

hospitalised with a snake bite, Blake targets the town

appliance fair, suspecting it is where the answers lie.


The Block: All Stars

NBN, 6.30pm

Four of the more memorable teams from

past series return to the popular reality renovation

show with their eyes on redemption.

And although they may be back for their

second crack at the grand prize, that doesnt mean things

will be any less stressful than their first time around  especially

considering theyve been tasked with the daunting

mission of doing up heritage homes in Bondi. With another

$5000 on the line, this episode sees the teams struggle to

get the job finished in time. Hosted by Scott Cam (above).

Movie: Coyote Ugly

7TWO, 6.30pm, PG (2000)

The kid sister to that other Jerry

Bruckheimer chase your dreams flick,

Flashdance, this follows small-town songwriter

Violet (Piper Perabo, right) trying

to make it in New York. After getting knocked back by

various record labels, she learns to get over her disappointment

and shyness by working at the Coyote Ugly

bar. There, with a bevy of other babes (Tyra Banks, Bridget

Moynahan, Maria Bello), she performs a pseudo-striptease

for the bars regulars every night.


SC TEN, 8.30pm

This American contemporary take on the adventures of

iconic super sleuth Sherlock Holmes stars Jonny Lee Miller

(right) as the detective  who lives in New York City

after a stint in rehab  and Lucy Liu as his sober

companion Dr Joan Watson. Tonights episode, the

third in the series, sees the pair investigate a child

abduction, for which they find themselves chasing

the dangerous and aptly nicknamed Balloon Man 

a serial killer who got his moniker from leaving a

signature batch of balloons at crime scenes.



The Professionals

SC TEN, 7.30pm

Channel Ten has another winner with The

Professionals on their hands, most likely

because of the lack of tears and emotions that seem to

have overtaken the recent series of MasterChef. The fact

we are dealing with people who are trained in their craft

helps as well, as the quality of the food has been markedly

higher. Tonight, its the losing team from Sundays high

country challenge to face the music with a double service.

Hosted by Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White (above).


PRIME7, 8.45pm

Considering its best served cold, there were

plenty of people spruiking the first season

of Revenge as the hottest drama around last

year. So whats in store for season two? Well, it seems that

for now at least, Emily Thornes (Emily VanCamp) thirst

for retaliation against all those she believes framed her

father has been sated. However, her new goal is to find out

just what happened to her mother. Meanwhile, Victoria

(Madeleine Stowe, above) holds a press conference to show

the Grayson family are back and stronger than ever.

Hawaii Five-0

SC TEN, 9.30pm

Mums the word in tonights episode of the sunloving

crime-fighters as Hawaiis Governor Denning

(Richard T. Jones) calls in the Five-0 team to

discretely investigate a murder of a lady of the

night. Why be discreet, you ask? Well, it seems

the prostitute had just spent the night with a

congressman who has mysteriously vanished.

Then, McGarrett (Alex OLoughlin, right) has other

things on his mind  mainly helping Danno (Scott

Caan) in his custody hearing over his daughter.


Movie: Clear And Present


7TWO, 9.30pm, M (1994)

Reprising his quasi-Bond guise of Jack

Ryan, Harrison Ford (right) is in top form

in this politically charged action thriller, which gleefully

attacks the feeble sanctuary weve come to know as the

White House. Stacked up against Fords dimensionless

role in Air Force One, this has much more excitement and

palatable heroics to engage you, despite a distinct lack of

subtlety. Australian Phillip Noyce, who made the previous

film in the franchise, Patriot Games, returns as director.

Family Guy

7MATE, 8.30pm

After 11 seasons and 193 episodes one

would think Seth McFarlane and co would

be running out of ideas to keep this hugely

inappropriate and hilarious animation

not only on the air, but at the top of its genre. Tonights

episode centres on Joe and his relentless pursuit of the

notorious criminal Bobby Briggs, the man who made Joe

a cripple. When Briggs escapes custody, Peter, Joe and

Quagmire start a cross-country manhunt to catch him.

Almost sounds serious when you put it like that!

2 Broke Girls

NBN, 9.00pm

This US series follows two waitresses in their

20s  Max (Kat Dennings, near right), who comes

from a poor working-class family and Caroline

(Beth Behrs, far right), who was born rich but

is now cash poor  and their struggles to make

ends meet while working at a New York diner.

Tonight, Max wins a trip to a cabin in the country.

After an unfortunate slip of the tongue, he ends

up inviting Caroline and Andy, leaving three people

for two beds and a whole lot of drama.


Wildest Latin America:


SBS ONE, 7.30pm

Part three of this five-part documentary

series about the spectacular wilds of

South America takes us to Venezuela, where it explores

mountains, jungles and wetlands that have scarcely been

touched by human development. A visit to the mighty

river Orinoco reveals a variety of beautiful wildlife, including

the continents largest predator: the critically endangered

Orinoco crocodile. A feast for the eyes about a part

of the world most Australians will never get to see.

Shaun Micallefs


ABC1, 8.00pm

Acerbic and intelligent funnyman Shaun

Micallef (right) returns for a second series, in

which he breaks down the weeks events with a panel of opinionated

experts. Micallef is serious about not taking things

too seriously, so there will be plenty of wisecracks between

examining the news. Jon Stewart has proved that if youre

smart, funny and informed, politics and world events can be

as entertaining as anything on TV  and Micallef is as good a

choice as anyone to replicate that formula here.

Mr & Mrs Murder

SC TEN, 8.30pm

For those wanting an extra dose of Shaun Micallef and

his sharp wit, look no further than this quirky new series

about a married couple who clean crime scenes for

a living and catch killers for kicks. As Charlie and

Nicola Buchanan, Micallef and Logie-winner Kat

Stewart (right) use their innate skills to bring bad

guys to justice. There arent many clever and

funny Aussie-made shows getting airtime on

network TV these days, so kudos to Ten for

taking a chance on this light-hearted whodunit.


The Midwives

ABC1, 9.30pm

Lets let it be known, this documentary

series is far from glamorous. In fact, if you

are heavily pregnant, you would be well

advised to steer clear. And for parents of

teenagers, watching this no-holds-barred series with your

offspring might be an excellent form of birth control.

Tonight, we meet three trainees from St Marys Hospital

in Manchester. The young women, Chloe, Aurelie and

Jess (above), must complete a three-year training placement

before they are qualified as midwives.


PRIME7, 9.45pm

Keeping a secret from your girlfriend is

hard to do, especially when it involves hiding

your bizarre ability to see the strange,

scary, supernatural creatures that roam

the world. Yet this is what Nick (David Giuntoli, right) has

done for a whole season of Grimm. In tonights season

finale, Nick is finally forced to come clean to naive Juliette

(Bitsie Tulloch), but telling the truth isnt so easy when it

makes you sound like you need quick medication and a

lodging in a mental institution.

Jerusalem On A Plate

SBS ONE, 8.30pm

London chef Yotam Ottolenghi (right) is the name

in cooking right now. Responsible for popularising

uncommon ingredients, like dried Iranian lime

and sea spaghetti, his passion for food and

often unusual recipes have created much

hype. Ottolenghi goes home to Jerusalem to

immerse himself in the citys food culture and

defining dishes. With many of his recipes influenced

by his heritage, Ottolenghi is an expert

at uncovering the latest food trends.

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