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Author: Melinda Houston
Date: 24/03/2013
Words: 1087
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: TV Liftout
Page: 2

March 24

Great Ormond Street: final

8.30pm, ABC2, Rating: 7/10

The conclusion to this excellent series is particularly fascinating  and confronting. The topic tonight is experimentation, and we see the surgeons perform cutting-edge procedures that represent the last chance at life for two babies and a 10-year-old girl. As always, matters are handled sensitively, but it's powerful stuff all the same.


8.30pm, Ten, Rating: 7/10

This continues to impress, with Watson continuing to pick delicately at Sherlock Holmes' psyche (for his own good, of course) and another excellent murder mystery that once again had me guessing until the final moments.

Downton Abbey

8.40pm, Seven, Rating: 6/10

It's nice to have Mr Bates finally out of jail but elsewhere this instalment didn't really grab me. Apart from a rather saucy flurry of action in the servants' quarters, several key plotlines feel like they're treading water at the moment. One for the fans.


March 25


6.30pm, Eleven, Rating: 6/10

Good on Neighbours for not just having an ongoing gay character but using him to explore some interesting issues. Tonight Georgia is confronted with the fact that her fiance plays for both sides, and is understandably upset. Elsewhere, Coco Cherian puts in a terrific performance as Rani. It's all surprisingly engaging.

American Restoration

9.30pm, 7mate, Rating: 6/10

Another cheerful instalment of this interesting series in which Rick and his boys take on a milk-vending machine, two kids' hand carts, a NASA space helmet, and a "gas cart"  a trolley taken door-to-door in the 1920s selling petrol for your car. Lightweight, but always fun and informative.


9.35pm, ABC1, Rating: 7/10

From Barnaby Joyce and Jeremy Cordeaux to Peter Garrett and Christopher Pyne; from pithy Twitter questions to interminable audience interjections; from the sublime to the ridiculous, you can never quite be sure what Q&A is going to throw up. But it's always worth checking out.


March 26

The Biggest Loser

7.30pm, Ten, Rating: 6/10

As always, there's plenty to make you uncomfortable as the contestants are compelled to participate in a half-marathon (albeit as a relay). But the evolving relationships between the parents and children is nonetheless fascinating, and there's something about this show that always makes me want to get out of my chair and move.

Fashion Star

8.30pm, Eleven, Rating: 5/10

See it. Like it. Buy it. This reality competition is the ultimate in product placement as designers create outfits to impress major retailers, which then commission and stock the lines in their stores. And we can be part of it, too: most of what you see tonight is available online once the final credits roll.

Artscape: Anatomy

10pm, ABC1, Rating: 7/10

Another powerful instalment in this excellent series  the final of the Anatomy trilogy. The topic is "soul" and the subject Pia Interlandi, a fashion designer completing her PhD and whose special subject is shrouds. Equal parts confronting, thought-provoking and moving.

Wednesday, March 27

The Cleveland Show

9.30pm, Eleven, Rating: 6/10

The Cleveland Show is always pretty mild entertainment  definitely the Jan Brady of the Seth MacFarlane stable  but there's fun to be had in tonight's instalment. Cleveland's dad decides to adopt Robert while on a trip to Vegas, sparking major sibling rivalry.

The Good Wife

9.30pm, Ten, Rating: 7/10

I always enjoy seeing Kyle MacLachlan back on the small screen and he's superb tonight in his ongoing guest role as evil Josh Perotti (and a perfect foil to Carrie Preston's quirky Elsbeth). Elsewhere, Alicia discovers why managers earn the big bucks, while Eli and Peter share a moment.

The Killing

10.30pm, One, Rating: 7/10

Season two departs significantly from the Danish original, much to the relief of fans. There, the non-resolution of the Larsen case caused an uproar; here, the investigation continues with the plot steadily thickening. It's also fun to see Sofie Grabol (star of the original) guest starring here as chief prosecutor.

Thursday, March 28

Gourmet Farmer

8pm, SBS One, Rating: 7/10

If you've watched any of those shows about food trucks  or perhaps dined from one  tonight's instalment gives some typically Gourmet Farmer practical insights into what it's like actually working in one of the things. On the menu? World-beating hot dogs, and pulled-pork sandwiches. Plus, Tomato Sauce Wars.

Marco Pierre White's Kitchen Wars

8.35pm, SBS One, Rating: 6/10

Established restaurateurs compete to impress MPW in this mildly interesting British cooking show. It's a similar idea to MasterChef: The Professionals but without the gloss or the sense of fun. This first episode captures the audition rounds.

Please Like Me: final

9.25pm, ABC2, Rating: 8/10

This is a worthy conclusion to what has been a terrific series, displaying an intelligence and subtlety that belie Josh Thomas' rather myopic and perpetually bemused manner. Fittingly, it opens with a funeral and closes on a typically bitter-sweet note.


March 29

Who's Been Sleeping in My House?

8pm, ABC1, Rating: 7/10

Tonight's instalment is particularly engaging as host Adam Ford visits a wedding cake of a house in Paddington and in the process of his investigations reveals not just some interesting Sydney history but absolutely fascinating characters from the recent and the distant past.

The Godfather

9.25pm, ABC2, Rating: 8/10

Having recently watched that sensational episode of Modern Family, I'm not sure I'll be able to see the big christening scene in the same way. But as a general thing, this ground-breaking 1970s classic remains as compelling and confronting as ever.

Cowboy Builders

9.40pm, 7Two, Rating: 6/10

If your favourite bit of the evening current affairs shows is the chasing-down of dodgy tradesmen, you'll love this British series that spends half of each episode doing precisely that (complete with shaky pursuit-cam and the perpetrator pulling his hoodie over his head). Plus, a home makeover.


March 30

Gardening Australia

6.30pm, ABC1, Rating: 6/10

Tonight's theme is getting started, and we're given some typically practical tips on growing avocado trees from scratch. Jerry introduces us to a Brisbane kid who is establishing his first proper vegie patch, while Tino shows us what's worked  and what hasn't  as he sets up his own garden at home.

Alien: Resurrection

8.30pm, One, Rating: 7/10

Critics were divided about this Alien redux set 200 years after Alien 3, but for many of us the crackling script by Joss Whedon  and the fun Sigourney Weaver is having with it  make this absolutely equal to (if rather different from) its progenitor. Great schlocky fun.

The Godfather Part II

9.25, ABC2, Rating: 7/10

This sequel is certainly as ambitious as the original  and even longer  but, for me, not in the same league. This always felt like a way to shoehorn in all the bits of Mario Puzo's novel that wouldn't fit in the original film. Still, a truly epic saga dominated again by the superb performance of Al Pacino.

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