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The Sydney Morning Herald

Hey, hey, why bother with reruns when there are standout newcomers on offer?

Author: Doug Anderson
Date: 27/10/2005
Words: 600
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 19
Storyline Australia

8.30pm, SBS: Anyone who has read Carolyn Landon's memoir, Jackson's Track - the story of Daryl Tonkin and the indignities he was obliged to endure to sustain his love for an Aboriginal woman - should warm to this terrific doco from Julie Nimmo. It's a love story set in 1910 when a Russian refugee named Leandro Illin breaks the law of the land by sleeping under the same blanket as a 20-year-old indigenous widow, Kitty Clarke. Kitty already has three kids but that doesn't deter Leandro. Nor do the police, the government or public opinion. In the first instalment of a two-part program about the couple, notions of truth, justice and equality - notions seriously under threat as the American Way becomes our way - are reduced to flitters by the grotesque machinations of legally enforced racism.

Fact or Fiction

8.30pm, ABC: Is this Tony Robinson I see before me? The co-star of Blackadder has some claim to familiarity with the era he examines in tonight's investigation into the myths surrounding legendary British figures. His case study is Shakespeare's ambitious Macbeth - Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis and "king hereafter".

Stupid Behaviour Caught On Tape

8.30pm, Seven: No, not the bits of banter between Ten's news team as they break for commercials, but surely that's only a matter of time. This is another of those woeful compilations in which a series of amusing bloopers involving vehicles and people is featured. Not as crook as Nine's dreary Motorway Patrol, or even the uncalled for Hey Hey By Request (screening on Saturday), but pretty awful. And did anyone really request stale slabs of Hey Hey be dredged up from the vaults of vulgarity in compilation form? Unlikely.


6.30pm, Ten: Oh no! Susan Kennedy hasn't survived the plane crash. We ... she's missing in action. Probably enjoying a well-earned break. They wouldn't kill her off, surely. Is it toodle-oo to Jackie Woodburne, one of the few believable characters in the instant snack food of Australian TV drama? Is 10 years enough? Who will move into No. 28 as Karl and Lyn share a few tears? Then, as the scriptwriters throw caution to the wind, Karl and Janelle "find comfort in one another". Mnnn! The McDonald's of TV cuisine grinds ever on.

20 to 1

8.30pm, Nine: And 20 to one in the morning would probably be a more apt time to screen this cavalcade of allegedly memorable Australian TV commercials. In place of Andrew Daddo, Bud Tingwell hosts a "countdown" of 20 advertisements. Nice work, Bud, but do you really need this tripe on your CV? It shouldn't be hard to pick the selected promotions from the commercial breaks that punctuate the program. Perhaps a more beguiling concept would be the screening of really woeful ads featuring Joyce Mayne, Tony Packard and the goons from the Lowes commercials, interspersed with witty, creative ads. But that might involve subtlety and confuse viewers.

The Surgeon

9.30pm, Ten: Two women, one pregnant, enjoy a swim and a chat. Heading home, the mum-to-be is involved in a car smash and is whisked off to hospital where doctors in casualty confront massive internal bleeding. Can they save her and her baby? Or is it a matter of one or the other - or neither? Genuinely taut and edgy drama so real you can almost smell it, and so well acted you can feel it. And if you can't, perhaps you should see a doctor to ascertain whether you are alive.

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