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Sunday Age

Sense And Sensibility

Author: Melinda Houston
Date: 06/07/2008
Words: 125
Source: SAG
          Publication: The Sunday Age
Section: M
Page: 38


Thursday 8.30pm, UK-TV

If you haven't quite had your fill of Miss Austen yet, here's a gorgeous adaptation of her most frivolous work courtesy of the masterful Andrew Davies and the BBC. Last week, all the pieces were put in place as the Dashwood girls were evicted, Eleanor was not proposed to, and Marianne spurned one suitor and fell for another (who we know already is most unsuitable). Tonight, there's more swapping and changing of partners, and the girls journey to London where many delicious frocks are worn and many hearts sorely tried. It's all beautifully made, beautifully cast, and the script snaps and crackles. Maybe Eleanor isn't quite as flawed as originally drawn but that's unlikely to detract from your enjoyment.

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