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Author: Lenny Ann Low
Date: 30/06/2008
Words: 427
Source: SMH
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 20
Jude Law

Bio, 8.30pm

Time was when a retrospective doco about a famous actor was created long into his or her career, allowing friends, family and colleagues to reflect on a body of work and a life lived. Here is a portrait of British actor Jude Law, barely 40 and, although indisputably one of the world's hot and spunky actors and with good acting work behind him, still to become a great leading man.

His attempts to reach this state have been hampered by intense coverage of his divorce from Sadie Frost, his affair with his children's nanny and his engagement to actress Sienna Miller. All of this happens regularly to great leading men - but still it overshadows Law's career.

Football Superstar

FOX8, 7.35pm

Brian McFadden, perhaps best termed Our Brian since coupling with Delta Goodrem, co-hosts this national search for undiscovered local football talent with sports presenter and former Matilda, Amy Taylor. It's episode three and 15 hopeful ballkickers have been selected from an initial 50. They're in their new mansion home, a modern masterpiece representing the affluent lifestyle considered par for the course for football stars. Training and tests ensue but what this limp series needs is a visit from glamorous British football wives and girlfriends such as Cheryl Cole or Coleen McLoughlin to understand the true demands of football fame.

Sense And Sensibility

UKTV, 8.30pm

Andrew Davies's BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's classic 19th-century novel differs greatly from Ang Lee's 1995 film. There is more time to weave the story of rational and understated Elinor Dashwood and her idealistic and romantic younger sister, Marianne, as they move from privilege to relative poverty on the death of their father and negotiate love under the attentions of various suitors. Scenes in the first episode of this three-part series are shot at unnerving angles, warping dimensions and highlighting tension between the expelled Dashwoods and their half-brother John's greedy wife, Fanny - a well-pitched portrait of feigned benevolence by Claire Skinner. There is high satisfaction in hating this creature as, decorated in purple tassels, her ever-avaricious face framed by tiny, tight curls, she sweeps into the Dashwoods' soon-to-be former home, Norland, as lady of the house. Hattie Morahan is a fine Elinor, all dignity and natural beauty, guiding her family members through crises while holding feelings for Fanny's kind brother, Edward Ferrars. The locations, costumes and acting are excellent, with a particularly striking use of light - cold and grey skies foretelling doom through to rich candlelight signalling new passions.

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