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The Age

Classic TV moments

Author: Darrin Farrant
Date: 30/11/2000
Words: 162
          Publication: The Age
Section: Green Guide
Page: 2
Home & Away, The Death of Ailsa

``Strewth, Ails!" Not quite what Alf (Ray Meagher) said when wife Ailsa (Judy Nunn) tumbled to the floor of the Summer Bay diner after suffering a heart attack, but surely what the truest of true-blue Australians was thinking as his beloved slipped away from him. It only happened last Friday, but Ailsa Stewart was such a doyenne of Summer Bay that her death was rendered instantly classic. In 13 years at Home & Away, Ailsa has, among other things, had a stint in jail, faced charges relating to her father's death, given up a child for adoption, rediscovered that child, fallen into a coma, suffered two nervous breakdowns, tried to suffocate her own child, heard ``voices" that told her to hurt others, and been taken hostage twice. Despite these travails, Ailsa has managed not only to run a business but to provide emotional succor to half the population of Summer Bay.

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