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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 31/05/1992
Words: 580
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 1
* THE CLEAN-OUT of lakes at Darling Harbour's Chinese Garden (Column 8, May 14) has been a crowd-puller. Visitors have watched fascinated as about 100 big koi carp were moved into the big pond, and about 20 large european carp, numerous small carp and 20 large eels removed and destroyed. Once the main pond is drained, the garden workers expect to get many more. They might also make some other, more interesting, finds - they've already found a mobile phone, a chair, a golf ball (hit from a city building into the water hazard?), a 110mm camera, a fire-alarm bell and a number of films and sunglasses.

* THEY didn't tell it like this in King James's day, but the impact was far better. Children of Ryde Baptist Sunday School recently presented a modern version of the Good Samaritan. In it, two street kids beat up another child to steal his Reeboks. As he lies there, a minister, then some deacons, pass him by. Then who should pick him up and take him to the Community Hospital, but a leatherjacketed member of the muchmaligned bikies with his girlfriend.

* TO REMIND readers further of Roland (The Legend) Storm (Column 8, last week), we publish this 1966 picture, from his heyday. Helen, formerly of Willoughby, corrects Roland's name to Hillcoat (Column 8, Friday). She had a huge crush on him about 1958, loving him from afar when she was a 14-year-old schoolgirl travelling to Cremorne Girls' High, and she could see him at a Crows Nest bus stop. "I thought he was beautiful," she told us bashfully.

* MARK, 8, of Beecroft, was repeating his spelling before leaving for Barker: "Funnel-web. FUNNEL python WEB."

* MOTORISTS in Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove, have been amused to see police making radar speed checks during the morning peak hour. Cars seldom get above 20 km/h at that time of day, let alone break the speed limit. Is there anywhere in Sydney where motorists drive fast enough in peak hours to be caught?

* KANGAROO stamps on the back of their hands for the UK and Australian postal people who, given a letter addressed in a childish hand "PC Nick Parish, Summer Bay, Austalia ", saw it safely through to the soapie Home and Away at Channel 7, Epping. First, Bournemouth Post Office straight-faced cancelled the stamp drawn on the airmail envelope by "Kate". Then, Australia Post was sufficiently up on soaps to recognise Summer Bay as Home. Bruce Roberts, who plays Constable Nick Parrish, says he gets a lot of mail from Britain, where the soap is shown, but none like this. It said simply: "Dear Nick We will be married next week Kate."

* IT'S good to see this in hard times, says John Peters, of Darlinghurst -in the Bathurst Street Pink Panther he saw a sign offering the unemployed free printing of resumes. Chris Kelleway, of Pink Panther, says the offer is good at all its shops. It's only for the genuinely unemployed and there's a 100-page limit.

* TURRAMURRA resident Tom Gurr was in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, a week ago. Sitting in a brasserie, eating apple strudel, he said to the manageress in careful German: "Ich bin ein Australianer." Straight back came: "Sydney or the bush?"

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