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Newcastle Herald

Slammin' Tammin

Author: according to Linda Barnier & Andrew Waugh
Date: 03/11/2003
Words: 178
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Page: 12
MAITLAND Gaol takes centre stage tonight when Home and Away character Dani (Tammin Sursok) heads to the slammer for a crime she didn't commit.

As these pictures show, it's not going to be a pleasant experience.

The scenes involving Maitland were shot about six weeks ago and involved several Novocastrians who could pass as a ``biker chick". They do indeed look like a pretty hardened bunch.

Without giving too much away, we can reveal that Dani adopts a tough persona to survive her first day in the Big House. But it's just a ruse the real Dani's just a scared little girl.

Her family, meanwhile, is busy panicking about her being in prison and are determined to get her out.

But rest assured, gang. We do know that Dani will manage to make at least one friend during her time in ``City Gaol" (however there are also a bevy of hardened crims lining up to make her time behind bars a living hell).

Home and Away is on Prime at 7pm.

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