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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 15/09/1996
Words: 188
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Guide
Page: 21

GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA - With Bert Newton: Ten, 9 am. Forty years of television, this week celebrated by Nine, inevitably has pictures of the moon-faced Newton playing the best second banana in the business. Prime-time evening viewing has veered away from the style, but Newton brings considerable skill to bear on this low-budget magazine show, even if the contents are heavily promotional of the sort of wonder products people used to flog door-to-door. Newton is helped out on Tuesdays by another old pro, John Michael Howson, who, less of a clown than once he was encouraged to be, illuminates the Hollywood scene in his own succinct style and is worth catching.


BLUE HEELERS - Something For Nothing: Seven, 8.30 pm. The Heelers adroitly acquired a bit of popular silliness with the arrival of the good-looking, good-hearted young Dash (Tasma Walton), a walking disaster area who this week is sent on a burglary inquiry and is overcome with desire to own the victim's car. A deal is struck and a handsome win on the pokies gives Dash the cash start she needs. But the trip wires that these characters keep stumbling into are clearly marked.


TANGO: SBS, 11.15 pm. Faded fast, but this Spanish series, now repeated, made a promising start as a group of Uruguayans set up a nightclub in Madrid.

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