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Illawarra Mercury

Man cries Yowie over Big Foot film

Date: 13/09/2000
Words: 174
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: News
Page: 10
Tim the Yowie Man, a ``mystery investigator", is claiming the Australian Skeptics' prize for proving paranormal activity on behalf of a bushwalker who says he saw a Big Foot near Canberra.

The Skeptics will give $100,000 to the first person to prove the fable.

Tim, who changed his name to Tim the Yowie Man after spotting a Big Foot in the same area six years ago, is confident Steve Piper's video footage is proof.

``I have been given footage of stuff before, blurred vision and dodgy photos, but this one is the best that I have ever seen," he said. Mr Piper, an amateur cameraman, filmed the creature in the Brindabella ranges, south of Canberra.

He thought it was a large kangaroo, but after zooming in realised that the animal looked like a huge gorilla.

The footage has attracted international media attention, and is being touted as the best of its kind since a claimed Big Foot sighting at Bluff Creek in the United States in 1968.

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