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Illawarra Mercury

First light revealing Fly surprise

Date: 22/06/2010
Words: 281
Source: ILL
          Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: Business
Page: 21
IT seems mystery visitors like getting up early and taking a walk on the fly side at the Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk.

On the first sunrise walk in May a visitor lurking under a beanie, instead of his traditional Akubra, turned out to be Australia's very own mystery hunter on the trail of a new experience to write about.

When almost 40 people from as far as Switzerland realised who it was, no-one was surprised that he would be drawn to such an experience.

Tim The Yowie Man described the sunrise walk as "an Australian classic" in a column he writes for the Canberra Times.

He also suggested bushland around the Illawarra escarpment would be a great place for yowies and bunyips. Resident Shaaron Kramer caught his attention suggesting she had seen something like a black panther in the Macquarie Pass area.

The author of best-selling book, Tim The Yowie Man, changed his name in 1994 after allegedly seeing a yowie, Australia's version of Big Foot, in the Snowy Mountains.

As the head of the Australian Centre for Mystery Investigations, he has even been described as "Australia's Fox Mulder". His search for yowies, bunyips, black panthers, UFOs, aliens and ghosts has captured Australians' imaginations for 16 years.

He also became a celebrity in the United States in 2000 after he found the Survivor II TV program site in Queensland and tried to airdrop chocolate bars to contestants. A year later, British tourism recruited him to help overcome the foot-and-mouth crisis.

Back at the Fly, June long-weekend walkers spotted Bollywood star Elise Jensen. She said a sunrise walk was on her "to do" list after nine Bollywood movies on location in India, Thailand and China.

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