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The Sydney Morning Herald

Mapping the Twilight Zone

Author: David Dale
Date: 17/07/2001
Words: 573
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: Metropolitan
Page: 13
The truth is out there ... on the back shelves of newsagencies.

You were probably wondering what The Goddess feels is the best gift She has ever given humanity. Here's the answer: ``The best gift I have given you is the ability to comfort one another." We learn this from a writer called Dendera Wisepsychic who has interviewed The Goddess for the latest issue of ``The Word" magazine ($5.50).

You're pondering why the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh, did what he did. Well, it's possible he was implanted with a mind control microchip by the CIA, reports the July-August issue of New Dawn magazine ($5.95).

And you're uncomfortable with conventional theories on the origins of the human race, so you want to know that we were started by the Anunnaki, beings who ``landed on Earth from the eliptically orbiting planet Nibiru, which crosses into our part of the solar system only every 3,600 years. The Anunnaki genetically engineered our species, originally as slave animals to work in mines, by mixing their genes with the local homo erectus." This insight comes from the latest Australasian UFOlogist ($7.95).

This week Magwatch goes to The Outer Limits, to a land where Shirley MacLaine would feel right at home. Australians laugh at the eccentricity of Americans who commune with crystals and get abducted by aliens, but if you wander to the back shelves of your newsagency you'll find that Australian publishers are just as enthusiastic about mapping the Twilight Zone.

``The Word" describes its editorial approach thus: ``Free of dogma, devoid of doctrine, claiming no religion as `the one', we share self-empowerment of the individual in tune with the universes, allowing the Love of all that is to shine brightly in each of us." It includes a profile of Terri Santro, ``a medium who receives messages via people's feet"; an argument that ``magick" is part of everyday life and that we must know our ``s-elves within the whirl"; a portrait of an early 20th-century visionary named Nikola Tesla (``even though his death ray was a weapon of destruction, he saw it as a means of bringing about peace"); and a lot of astrology.

New Dawn is ``a journal of conspiracies and metaphysics", designed to ``help the reader take the jump into a new level of awareness". It exposes ``a shadow government that rules the world", called The Bilderberg Group, whose members include Henry Kissinger and the heads of Xerox and Fiat. It warns that ``Australians are becoming a nation of tittle-tats through policing `initiatives' such as Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Watch and Business Watch" and ``for citizens concerned about their future freedom and survival, the only answer is to psychologically disconnect from the system".

And Australasian UFOlogist describes itself as ``staffed by a team of enthusiasts who want to ascertain the reality of UFO & paranormal enigma". It reports that on February 23 ``a large reddish object" passed over Collaroy and ``two residents near a cliff reported they had been temporarily `projected' about 10 metres south-east so they could look down into their neighbour's backyard". It also raises the theory that ``hairy manbeasts similar to Australia's Yowie survive in the wilds of New Zealand's north and south islands".

This column's favourite headline in Australasian UFOlogist says ``Never let the facts get in the way of a great explanation". The editors of ``The Word" and New Dawn would certainly go along with that.

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