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The Sydney Morning Herald


Date: 27/07/1987
Words: 365
          Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: News and Features
Page: 2
One of several hermits said to be living in caves in the Heathcote area fits the description of the "ape man" reported near Woronora Dam at the weekend.

A Heathcote resident, Mr Colin Campbell, told the Herald yesterday there were "at least three or four hermits living around the bush".

"All the local kids know about them. They've even named them," he said.

He said the hermit known as the "Green Machine" was probably the "yowie"sighted at the weekend.

Named after his green pushbike, the man is believed to be a Polish immigrant who wears a slouch hat with netting over it, Mr Campbell said.

He was probably "about six foot two", not the "seven-foot giant" supposedly seen, he said.

Two other hermits are known as "Axeman" and "Cowboy".

As for the "hairy man" stories, Mr Campbell said some of the coats worn by the hermits could be mistaken for "anything".

He said the hermits lived in caves and had been seen in town buying groceries.

"But we haven't seen them around for a while now," he said.

"My kids used to go down to their caves all the time and come back with handmade knives and spears. But they've never hurt any kids, or injured any of their dogs."

A spokeswoman for Engadine Police said a Polair helicopter had flown over the area yesterday but did not sight the "yowie".

The recluse has probably headed for cover, she said.

She said police were aware of the numerous caves in the area.

A group of eight young people reported sighting a "wild man" near the dam on Saturday night.

They said the man had strolled down from a rocky hill and crossed the road carrying a carcass.

The group retrieved part of the carcass, believed to be that of a wallaby, and took it to Engadine Police.

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