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Super Scene

Date: 16/09/2001
Words: 795
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: Television
Page: 24
Game review

DAYTONA USA 2001 (Dreamcast)


Daytona's flashy crashes and forgiving gameplay and ability for eight-player link-up has seen it proclaimed as the best racing game. In fact, it offers more than the arcade. It has nine tracks, with four cars from which to choose. Once completed there are 10 cars in all. You can alter the number of laps, the tyre type, number of opponents, transmission type and body colour. Races are quick and frantic and graphics impressive.


Byte this


With the 'NSync movie Bigger Than Live now playing at the Imax Theatre at Darling Harbour, it seemed like a good time to dip into the website of this phenomenally successful US vocal quintet. It has all the essentials for fans - biographies of the guys, photos and a chance to preview their latest album, Celebrity. But the design of the site is a bit messy, and it is not exactly viewer-friendly, with its small type. The website also seems more keen to sell 'NSync merchandise than offer a great site for fans.

Watch this space

SYDNEY Swans captain Paul Kelly played only eight games last year and was never fully fit but was still voted by his peers as the competition's most inspirational player. But how many people know about his work promoting junior footy? He puts his name to the AFL's annual Paul Kelly Cup for school students in Years 5 and 6 around NSW and he attends some of the sessions and gives out awards at the Metropolitan Sydney finals. In between his busy playing and training schedule, he found time for a chat with Super Scene.

What do you do when you're not training?

I like to rest, read all of the newspapers and play PlayStation with my kids.

Who washes your footy socks?

My wonderful wife Lyndelle.

What's your favourite snack?

It would have to be blueberry muffins - low fat, of course.

Who is the joker of the Sydney Swans?

There are a fair few jokers among my teammates, but the worst would have to

be Cressa [Daryn Cresswell]. He is well known for going into everyone else's lockers and stealing their towels and putting them back in wet. I don't think he has ever used his own towel.

Have you read the Harry Potter books?

No. I think I am one of the few people who have not read them.

Were you a Big Brother fan?

I didn't watch Big Brother at all; it's not my thing. I really don't like any of the reality TV shows.

Do you follow other footy codes?

Yes, I do. I have been a keen Roosters fan in the rugby league since I was a kid and I also like to follow rugby union.

What motivated you during your injury recovery period?

The thought of finally being able to do what I love again - and that is playing footy. And the thought of being able to be involved in another finals campaign.

What did your teachers say about you on your report cards?

"Paul distracts the others." I think that appeared on my reports a bit.

Did you have a nickname at school?

Yes, I was called "Kell". I don't think that requires too much explanation.

Book reviews

The Day My Bum Went Psycho

By Andy Griffiths (Macmillan, $12.95)

Andy Griffiths's latest offering tells the story of Zack Freeman, a regular 12-year-old with a very wayward bum. His bum has a disturbing habit of running away, a stunt that ultimately gets Zack into some tight situations.

On one particular night while Zack is searching for his reclusive posterior, he comes across an oval in which there is an unusually large gathering of bums. To his horror, Zack realises that his bum is the leader of a rebellion. This story is unconventional in its style and humour, but younger and older readers alike will find it entertaining. The book also comes with a set of six cheeky stickers.

The Saddle Club: Hoof Beat and Riding Camp

By Bonnie Bryant. (Random House Australia, $9.95)

In Hoof Beat, Saddle Club member Lisa is given the opportunity to write a column for the local newspaper on the events and activities of the club. She loves the chance to write, but has she gone too far by making private news public? In Riding Camp, three Saddle Club girls get the chance to go to Moose Hill, an exclusive riding camp. They are looking forward to making new friends, but find the other people are mostly snobs. However, a sudden emergency

tests everyone's resolve. One for horse lovers.


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