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Purrfect sister act

Author: Kate Tarala
Date: 19/04/2012
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Having family on stage makes it an even better show, and Kitty Flanagan tells Kate Tarala she's ready to rumble.

WHAT'S wrong with teenagers? Why are babies so angry? Should cabaret be outlawed? What makes ham so delicious? Are all women who own cats mental?

See comedian Kitty Flanagan tackle all these questions and plenty more in her show Hello Kitty Flanagan at the Civic Theatre tomorrow night.

Tell me about your first gig.

I put my hands on my hips to stop them shaking and delivered my entire five minutes looking up at the ceiling because I was blinded by the spotlight and terrified of the audience. Apart from that, it was a ball-tearer.

It's been more than 15 years since you first appeared on Australian TV screens.

Does it feel like that long?

It does feel like a long time, especially when I see old clips of Full Frontal. Although when I look at those clips mostly I think . . . good lord, I was wearing a pretty godawful bra during those years! Why didn't anyone tell me?

You've been labelled "Australia's hottest female comedian". Is that a hard label to wear?

Thing is, that quote referred to a show I did in Perth - and I did have a great time that night, it was a beautiful theatre, full of people, and I was having a ball.

So as long as people understand it means "she's on fire!" - as in, she's doing great shows, that's fine. It's only slightly awkward if people misinterpret it as me thinking someone said "Hooo-eee! She is one hot-lookin' laydee!"

Tell me about your show Hello Kitty Flanagan. What can people expect?

A lot of stories, a lot of voices, a lot of rolling around on the stage, maybe even some interpretive dance. I like to say I'm answering all the big questions this time around. Such as: What bar snacks should you avoid when dating? Burlesque - what the hell is it? Which religion is best for me? And of course, the really big one: Why can't women read maps? Oh, and there are a couple of cracking songs too.

One of the topics you're tackling is, are all women who own cats mental? Are you a cat owner yourself?

I have two furry kids. Sarge, a Burmese cat, and Henry, a Havanese dog. The two of them are best buddies, I can waste hours watching them wrestle and rort around the house. I should film it and put it on YouTube . . . has anyone done that with cat videos before?

This show will feature your sister Penny Flanagan. What's it like working with family?

Sister Penny is my BFF and my favourite person in the world to have on tour. Apart from adding some great music to the show, she's a real cack and always has good suggestions for how I can make the show funnier. She also doesn't like talking at breakfast time. Which is perfect. Breakfast is a time for munching muesli, not pointless chit-chat.

What's next after the tour?

I have no idea. This is the very first show of the tour, we're kicking it off at the Civic. Oh yes, we like to start at the biggest and best theatre - and then . . . well, obviously it's all downhill after that!

You've played Newcastle before. Do you have any memories - good or bad - of Newie?

Only good memories. The Civic is still the biggest theatre I've ever played on my own so it's very special.

I absolutely loved it last time and I'm planning to "go off" again this time.

Kitty Flanagan performs at the Civic Theatre

tomorrow night. Tickets at Ticketek.

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