Long-term consequences

Author: Michael Duffy
Date: 17/10/2010
Words: 145
Source: SHD
          Publication: Sun Herald
Section: News
Page: 21
HOSPITALS can be dangerous places. Salah Bene and Calvin Abbosh have been convicted in the District Court of a vicious stabbing attack on two Fairfield market stallholders who asked Bene not to eat food bought elsewhere at tables provided for their customers. Bene called Abbosh, his brother, who came to the market to avenge the "disrespect" that had been shown. One of the victims, Ayed Qummou, was fortunate not to have any vital organs pierced. But, as Judge Michael Finnane described in his judgment, "during his hospital stay he received an infection which caused him to be admitted for a second time when he needed operative treatment. As a consequence of this, he suffers from continuing pain, has bowel problems and will have to be careful about his diet for the rest of his life." Bene will be in jail until at least 2019, Abbosh until 2018.
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