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Alf Grew holds the record for the most international matches controlled by Illawarra referees, with seven between 1951 and 1962.

Kevin Riolo refereed five between 1975 and 1979.

Harold Gillard is next with four between 1946 and 1955.

Harold Gillard: 1946 South Coast Division v Great Britain at Wollongong; 1951 Monaro v France in Canberra; 1954 Southern v Great Britain at Wollongong; 1955 Monaro v France in Canberra.

Alf Grew: 1951 Southern v France at Wollongong; 1952 Southern Districts v New Zealand at Goulburn; 1956 South-Western Division v New Zealand at Cootamundra; 1958 Newcastle v Great Britain at Newcastle; 1958 Northern Coalfields v Great Britain at Maitland; 1960 Monaro v France at Wagga Wagga; 1962 Riverina v Great Britain at Wagga Wagga.

Jack Underwood: 1950 Southern v Great Britain at Wollongong; 1954 Newcastle v Great Britain at Newcastle.

Bill Grugan: 1956 Monaro v Maori at Goulburn.

Allan Byrnes: 1964 Western v France at Orange.

Kevin Honeybrook: 1967 Western v New Zealand at Lithgow; 1974 Western v Great Britain at Orange.

Kevin Riolo: Southern v Great Britain at Gosford; 1976 Group 6 v France at Campbelltown; 1977 Southern v Great Britain at Gosford; 1978 Riverina v New Zealand at Wagga Wagga; 1979 Southern v Great Britain at Gosford.

Giles O'Donnell: 1978 Monaro v New Zealand at Queanbeyan; 1979 Western v Great Britain at Orange; 1981 Newcastle v France at Newcastle.


Life members of the senior and junior divisions of the Illawarra Rugby League from 1911 to 2010.

Ian Atkins, Paul Balfour, Graham Ball, Allan Barry, John Barry, Peter Bartley, Aidan Beath, Tom Blackstock, Les Buchanan, Allan Byrnes OAM, Bruce Cambridge, John Carberry, Keith Clifford, Jack Coltman, Bob Colville, Cedric Crane, Reg Davis, Herb Dowel, Gary Down, Robert Down, Bob Erskine, Rhonda Erskine, Tom Ezart, Harry Faulkner, Noel Ferrier, Joe Fitzgerald, Lindsay Ford, Sonny Frost.

Tom Glenn, Charlie Gilmore, Charlie Harriman, Arthur Harrod, Sid Hayes AM, John Heath, Brian Hodges, Barry Humble, Ron Jackson, Frank Johnson OAM, Barrie Keenahan, Ian Kirk, Brian Kurtz, Richard Lacey, Wally Lamb, Bob Lawrence, Ian Laycock, Brian Leech, Alex Lindoy, Jack Livermore, Bob Lowrie, Dr Grayson Mackay, Shane McKellar, Jim McNally, Bob Millward OAM, Bob Montgomery, Gerry Murphy, Kevin Murphy.

Cec Negus, Ian Neill, Clive Nicholson MBE, Tom Nuttall, Jack Oliver, Alec Pascoe, Harry Patton, Rowland Penning, Ray Phillips, Bob Plummer, Billie Purcell, Colin Purcell OAM, Alf Ramsay, Norm Reed, Ron Riley, Kevin Riolo, Laurie Roberts, Maurie Shaw, Frank Smith, Dennis Street, Ken Sweeney, Jock Trad, Tony Villa, Mark Wheeler, Phil White, Ted Wynn, Warren Wynn.


Awarded life membership of the Illawarra District Rugby League Club since 1982.

Allan Barry, Ian Neill, Joe Davidson, Ray Nicholson, Richie Hetherington, Peter Newell OAM, Ian Kirk, Bob Millward OAM, Jim Pearce, Col Markham, Col Purcell OAM, David Murphy, Tony Villa.


Illawarra juniors who have played senior football either with the Steelers and/or Dragons continuously for at least 10 years and have been awarded playing life membership of the Illawarra Steelers.

Trent Barrett, Shaun Timmins, Matt Cooper, Rod Wishart, Ben Hornby, Paul McGregor, Jason Ryles.


Allan Byrnes, Kevin Riolo


Allan Byrnes, Kevin Riolo


Kevin Riolo


Terry Beckett 1959 (Port Kembla) one game

Fred Buchanan 1932 (Wollongong) one game

Brian Hetherington 1997-1986 (Dapto, Newtown, Steelers, Wests) three games

Noel Hill 1953 (Thirroul, St George, Maitland) one game

John Hobbs 1952 (Wests, Manly, Cowra, Wests, Collegians, Thirroul, Port Kembla) one game

Roger Irving 1974 (Wollongong) one game

Bruce Olive 1958-62 (Casino, Wests Illawarra, Newtown, Dapto) nine games

Archie O'Neill 1927 (W'gong) one game

Justin Poore 2009 (Dragons) three games

Brett Rodwell 1995 (Wests Illawarra, Steelers) one game

Bob Smith 1960-62 (Temora, Thirroul) three games


Malcolm Condon 1963 (Wollongong, Manly, Collegians) one appearance


The following performed important non-playing roles for national or state teams:

1949 Dudley Locke Australian manager

1950 Harry Nolan NSW selector

1967-72 Tom Ezart NSW selector

1968 Les Griffin Australian trainer

1970 Tom Ezart Australian selector

1981 Ted Curran NSW selector

1988-91 Bob Millward NSW manager

1988-97 Bob Fulton Australian coach

1991 Bob Millward Australian manager

2006-2010 Craig Young NSW manager

2008 -2010 Craig Young Australian manger


1967 Illawarra 7 lost to Nth Division 21 in final

1968 Illawarra 10 lost to Newcastle 31 in final

1969 Illawarra 17 lost to Newcastle 19 in final

1970 Illawarra 21 lost to Monaro 22 in R1

1971 Illawarra 15 beat Newcastle 7 in final

1972 Illawarra 32 beat Northern 15 in final

1973 Illawarra 12 lost to Southern 20 in R1

1974 Illawarra 28 beat Northern 8 in final

1975 Illawarra 4 lost to Riverina 18 in final

1976 Illawarra 24 beat Western 2 in final

1977 Illawarra 10 lost to Monaro 33 in R1

1978 Illawarra 32 beat Newcastle 15 in final

1979 Illawarra 9 lost to Monaro in final

1980 Illawarra 16 lost to Monaro 20 in semi-final

1981 Illawarra 7 lost to Newcastle 33 in final


1995 Illawarra 4 lost to Western 42 in R1

1996 Illawarra 6 lost to Monaro 36 in R1

1997 Illawarra 18 lost to Newcastle 34 in R2

1998 Illawarra 20 lost to Western Aust 26 in R1

1999 Illawarra 12 lost to Nth Coast 15 in semi

2000 Illawarra 24 lost to Western 30 in R1

2001 Illawarra 20 lost to Monaro 32 in semi

2002 Illawarra 20 beat Newcastle 10 in final

2003 Illawarra 8 lost to Monaro 18 in semi

2004 Illawarra 36 lost to Monaro 42 in semi-final

2005 Illawarra 24 lost to Western 56 in 1st round

2006 Illawarra 8 lost to Newcastle 56 in final

2007 Illawarra 42 beat Newcastle 30 in final

2008 Illawarra 42 beat Canberra 24 in final

2009 Illawarra 28 beat Bidgee Bulls 6 in final

2010 Illawarra 20 beat Newcastle 16 in final


1999 Sixth - beaten in grand final

2000 Ninth

2001 Seventh - beaten in semi-final

2002 Seventh - beaten in semi-final

2003 Tenth

2004 Fifth - beaten in preliminary final

2005 Second - beaten in preliminary final

2006 Sixth - beaten in semi-final

2007 Thirteenth

2008 Seventh - beaten in quarter-final

2009 Minor premier - beaten in semi-final,

2010 Minor premier - won premiership


Pointscorer: Jamie Soward (2007-2010) 665

Points in season: Jamie Soward (2009) 234

Tries: Matt Cooper (2000-2010) 102

Most tries in season: Nathan Blacklock (2001) 27

Goals: Jamie Soward (2007-2010) 252

Most goals in season: Jamie Soward (2009) 90

First grade games: Ben Hornby (2000-2010) 226

Most games: Ben Hornby (2000-2010) 256

Biggest crowd at WIN Stadium: v Sharks 2005 19,608

Australian Representatives: Luke Bailey, Trent Barrett, Nathan Blacklock, Darius Boyd,

Matt Cooper, Ben Creagh, Mark Gasnier, Ben Hornby, Brett Morris, Jason Ryles, Shaun Timmins, Dean Young.

New Zealand Representatives: Craig Smith, Jeremy Smith, Jason Nightingale, Nathan Fien.

Cook Island Representatives: Daniel Fepuleai

Samoan Representatives: Kyle Stanley

NSW Representatives: Justin Poore

Queensland Representatives: Neville Costigan

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