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Newcastle Herald

University denies stifling campaign

Date: 07/03/2011
Words: 197
Source: NCH
          Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 14
ANTI-BULLYING campaigners at the University of Newcastle have accused management of suppressing dissent at Callaghan Campus by banning posters promoting their website.

Organisers behind the Stop Bullying at University of Newcastle (Oz) website said security guards had stopped them putting up posters around campus after an edict from management.

The university said the posters were removed because they had been placed on trees, walls and light poles, which was a breach of its poster policy. There was "no order from above", the university said.

However, campaigners said the university banners and posters policy "aims to allow freedom of expression and the free flow of information".

"Posters at uni cover anything and everything, including anti-racist and anti-homophobic posters, and many commercial posters directly from companies," a spokeswoman said.

The anti-bullying website organiser said it had more than 6500 hits to its website and received more than 150 responses to its survey, which had all reported bullying.

A University of Newcastle spokeswoman said the university did not tolerate bullying.

She said it had a code of conduct and well-publicised complaints management system.

"If any staff or students have concerns regarding bullying, the university strongly urges them to come forward," she said.


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